Atlantis Cable Rails & Balustrades: A Fresh Look

Atlantis offers numerous premium railing solutions for a wide range of applications. We will take a look at their stainless steel cable balustrade system.

Installing interior and exterior metal structures is a great way to modernize and future-proof homes and businesses. Whether building a front porch or repairing a deck, the long-term benefits of metal rails are undisputable. 

A steel railing system or stainless steel cable is a good choice. Stainless steel is sleek, modern, and minimalistic, offering a unique ability to eliminate maintenance. These characteristics are just a few reasons to consider stainless steel cable and railing options. 

Stainless Steel Cable Rail Evolution

Steel cable systems have gained popularity with increased efforts to build “smarter” and improve our national home-building science. Adding Atlantis stainless steel rails to a deck, porch, or patio adds durability unmatched by any other material. 

Cable railing systems were initially reserved for commercial and industrial use, including aviation, docks, bridges, roads, parking garages, observation points, and other industrial applications. But steel cables are more prominent in premium and modern builds today.


Stainless steel usage in exterior applications took root in the early 1970s. It wasn’t until 20 years later, in the 1990s, stainless steel became more widely used for high-end homes. 

The cost has always contributed to the limitations of stainless steel, especially for outdoor usage. But stainless steel continues to make its mark and has become increasingly available in many forms and applications. Thanks to companies like Atlantis, stainless steel has become practical for nearly any home! 

Stainless Steel Cable Installation Costs

Unlike treated wood or aluminum spindles, stainless cabled wire ropes appear virtually invisible to the eye. Minimal, non-invasive, clean lines lend the esthetic and allure of a sleek and modern design, and this look once came at a high cost.

Stainless steel cables blend into the background, offering open views and fewer visual obstructions, possibly costing less than you think. Although steel railing systems will cost more than wood materials and the installation is more long-term, the expense is worth it.

Although professional installations are recommended, Atlantis offers a slightly more straightforward system, allowing DIY-enthused homeowners to give it a whirl. 

The cost of installing a stainless cable railing system varies and is influenced by market, layout, size, and region, although you can expect an average price of $215-$290 per linear ft. The structure’s height and accessibility will also influence the overall cost of the installation. 

Atlantis offers several rail systems that add unique presents to any outdoor space. The possibilities and costs associated with a complete railing system are endless. 

Atlantis Stainless Steel Cable Specs & Installation

Atlantis steel rail systems utilize high-quality 316 stainless steel cables. 316 stainless steel is formidable and resistant to rust and corrosion. In addition, Atlantis treats its steel cables with a protective coating, offering increased weather resistance, maintaining its appearance over time.

Atlantis’s Raileasy Tensioners and Cable Sleeves are durable and easy to install. Simple installations make stainless a more accessible option by reducing time and labor.


The RailEasy™ Tensioner is Atlantis’s primary cable railing tensioner. It contains a patented compression fitting, adjusting the tension with simple hand tools. It also has a patented slotted base that can achieve angles up to 45 degrees, making it versatile and used for stair railing. Visit Atlantis’s site for more information.

Maintenance & Warranty

Incorrect installations could allow dirt and foreign materials to enter the wired rope, which will accelerate mold growth and cause premature failures. Allowing dirt to infiltrate the cables will also increase the potential for oxidation and corrosion.

Like most companies, Atlantis wants to ensure you get the most extended life out of your Rail System, which is why professional installation is encouraged. However, follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely when performing the installation yourself.

Contrary to how cable systems are presented, they do require occasional cleaning. Avoid harsh agents like bleach or chloride products, as they oxidize and tarnish the finish. Likewise, avoid using abrasive tools, such as steel brushes, files, or pliers. 


Metal tools can potentially scratch the protective surface and leave traces of rusted material between the wire threads, leading to several long-term issues. Any damage upon installation or use of improper cleaners will void the warranty.

Cleaning & Water Exposure

According to Atlantis Rail Systems, the good news is that washing your railing is no more difficult than washing your car. There are no unique means of cleaning steel cable railings.

All needed to clean stainless steel cables is a bucket of hot water, a soft sponge, and gentle dish soap. An occasional pressure wash will clear out anything that gets caught in the thread or grooves of the cabling. Other than keeping it clean, the only other maintenance you’ll need to perform is occasionally adjusting the cable tension, which is easy enough to do yourself.

Installing a steel cable system near coastal areas containing saltwater, salt air, or salt spray could void the warranty if not properly maintained.

Is Steel Cable Railing Right for Your Home?

Some suggest steel cable railings aren’t fit for more traditional, colonial homes, and the modern design clashes with the look of an older home. However, this boils down to personal preference. It’s all about how well it compliments your home’s lines, angles, and other aspects. 

You can also install cable rails to your pre-existing deck posts, replacing your old balusters to give your deck, balcony, or stairs a sleek, updated look.

Atlantis Rail Systems & Designs

The Nautilus Cable Railing System has an appealing design, using steel top and bottom rails and more traditional posts for a finished look. 

The Sunrail Cable Railing System combines the modern look of stainless cable railings with polished or brushed stainless steel rails and posts. 


Atlantis Rail Systems also offers its Spectrum and Latitude lines, offering different aesthetics and featuring sleek and finished styles. Atlantis also offers various accessories, from deck lighting to other desired finishing touches.

Horizontal Cable Railings

Horizontal steel cable railing systems are the most common layout and are ideal under the following circumstances:

  1. The deck or porch has wide-open views.
  2. You have outdoor living spaces combined with larger decks.
  3. You’re surrounded by tall buildings, where horizontal steel cable railings create the appearance of greater distance from the surrounding density.

Vertical Cable Railings

If you want a unique look, you may prefer the cables installed vertically instead of horizontally. Although it might not be best suited for all applications or kits, vertical installation is best when:

  1. You have a backyard with a lot of tall trees.
  2. Your home has tall, distinctive features.
  3. Your home has vertically aligned siding.
  4. You have minimal interior decor with an open space.

Cable Railings and Building Codes

Once steel gained popularity for residential buildings in the early 2000s, “the ladder effect” came into play. Rising concern that children who instinctively climb would attempt to toil up the horizontal cable designs led to the term “ladder effect,” which ended up in the International Residential Code (IRC).

Although there are conflicting accounts, the ladder effect was ultimately removed from the (IRS) building codes. 

Cable railings are code-compliant when installed to meet traditional building standards. Most codes require less than a 6-inch gap between the floor and the cable system. The cables should be taut and have less than four inches of space between them. Always check your local contractor licensing board and state municipality building code for specifications.

Atlantis Railing System In Summary

Easy to install and nearly maintenance-free, whether you are customizing your new construction or modernizing your much older house, Atlantis Steel Cable Railing Systems offers the finest quality product. With authorized dealers nationwide, there’s no reason not to explore how Atlantis Rail systems can improve your home today.

From cable rails to any deck service, we have you covered. Contact us if you live in Raleigh, NC.

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