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Customer Preparations Prior to Painter’s Arrival (Exterior)

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Everyday Logistics

  • We will likely bring a small trailer containing tools. In most cases, trailers remain parked for the duration of the project. We typically park on the street or in a driveway.
  • Please clear vehicles from the driveway on the first day so the crew can unload as needed.
  • Keep all motor vehicles 60 – 100ft from the work area to avoid accidents caused by paint overspray, falling ladders, or debris.
  • Clearing pets from the work area is vital to the safety of both the animals and the workers. If there is a gate, please note that workers will have to open the gate for short periods and are not responsible for keeping animals within proximity. 

General/ Repairs: For all exterior home repairs, remember to remove any pictures or fragile items from the interior walls where the repair will take place.

Painting: On the last day, painters typically require windows and doors to be opened to paint them. If there is any chance of conflict in scheduling, let the team leader know, and we will try to work around your schedule. 

Pressure Washing: We highly advise that someone is home or allow us access to the inside to prevent damage to hardwood floors or carpets caused by leaky weather stripping around doors and cracked windows. 

Our pressure washing in preparation for painting is a low-pressure chemical rinse to kill all organic growth, not to clean windows or window sills. While we understand that it would be ideal for cleaning these areas, we do not get on ladders for house washing, and applying high water pressure to windows and doors is not worth the risk and liability of water or bleach entering the home. However, the painters can remove dirt and debris when they arrive.

Completion: Upon completion, a final walkthrough with a team leader is recommended. Please try to meet the team leader for a final walkthrough to ensure your satisfaction before the team’s departure.  

We will not leave your home unattended. However, we also cannot stay late. Therefore, appropriate scheduling and accommodations are critical.


  • Having a yard clear of pet feces is much appreciated.
  • Make sure water sprinklers and alarms are shut off well before we arrive every morning.
  • There will be heavy foot traffic and ladder placement on most exterior projects. 

Painting: If plants or shrubs are close to or touching the house, the general rule for space is two feet from the house, if possible. Therefore, trees and shrubs may need cutting back for accessibility.

Pressure Washing: We power wash before the paint crew arrives for most exterior painting projects. In some cases, plants will need to be covered. Covering is especially critical for small flowers. 

Sometimes, after pressure washing, windows facing the sunny side have water spots. If this occurs, an additional window cleaning service will be required to remove the water spots. 

General/ Repairs: Planters, outside furniture, grills, and yard equipment will have to be repositioned, usually near the edge of the yard.

#1 Customizable Painting Approach
  • Spraying/ Hand Brushing
  • Repair/ Replacement Services
#2 Surface Cleaning
  • House Wash/ Cleaning
  • Remove Dirt, Growth, & Oxidation
#3 Covering Preparation
  • Covering/ Protecting Landscape
  • Proper Preparations
#4 Application/ Clean Up
  • Uniform Finish/ Trim Details
  • Cleanup Furniture Placement

Full-Service Exterior Painting Options

  • Vinyl Siding Painting
  • Metal Siding Painting
  • Doors/ Windows
  • Exterior Trim
  • Posts/ Columns/ Mailboxes
  • Porches/ Handrails
  • Shutters/ Hardware
  • Gutters & Downspouts
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