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Our Raleigh exterior painting service involves more than just adding beauty and protection. We know how to achieve a durable finish that safeguards your Raleigh home for a long time. Our team of exterior painters ensures your outdoor surfaces are cleaned, prepared, and painted to the highest standard. 

Our premium paint applications provide a 5-year warranty against cracking, blistering, and peeling paint. We provide industry-leading warranty terms because we understand that your home is important to you, and we approach exterior painting with that in mind. 

We have dedicated staff for all our services. Trade-specific teams, leaders, and project managers are essential to providing expert and reliable service; in part, these added values are what separates us from other companies.

Exterior Paint Preparations For Your Raleigh Home

Our painters give your home a clean exterior finish that promises lasting protection. First, we don’t shortcut the preparation process. We wash the entire house with cleaning solutions to kill all organic growth. 

After waiting a few days, we return to start prepping. First, we make sure all loose paint gets scraped and primed. We cut out all old caulk that has split, then fill all cracks and expansion joints with heavy-bodied exterior acrylic caulk, like Sherwin-Williams Maxflex. 

If you have old masonite siding on your home, we check all siding for nail holes and fill them with caulking or putty. If the siding is damaged, our siding replacement staff are in-house. Our exterior painters make sure each painting step is done with integrity and performed in a sensible manner that maintains compliance with manufacturer specs.

#1 Customizable Painting Approach
  • Spraying/ Hand Brushing
  • Repair/ Replacement Services
#2 Surface Cleaning
  • House Wash/ Cleaning
  • Remove Dirt, Growth, & Oxidation
#3 Covering Preparation
  • Covering/ Protecting Landscape
  • Proper Preparations
#4 Application/ Clean Up
  • Uniform Finish/ Trim Details
  • Cleanup Furniture Placement

Estimates & Painting Cost

To determine the cost of painting your home exterior, our estimator first counts and measures areas of your home. Then, we identify and point out any problematic areas that need repair or replacement. 

Our full-service exterior painting lets you conveniently combine services and streamline the process by working with one company. Here is a list of a few of the areas that we can paint.

Full-Service Exterior Painting Options

  • Vinyl Siding Painting
  • Metal Siding Painting
  • Doors/ Windows
  • Exterior Trim
  • Posts/ Columns/ Mailboxes
  • Porches/ Handrails
  • Shutters/ Hardware
  • Gutters & Downspouts

When you want the best paint solutions, our expert team will help identify and solve each issue with long-term performance in mind.

Paint Application: Spray vs. Brush

Spraying and brushing house paint both provide unique advantages. Spraying provides a highly uniform finish, which is recommended when applying dark colors to large surfaces. It also minimizes the number of coats needed when changing paint colors.

Hand-brushing paint in specific applications provides added durability on textured and damaged surfaces. Hand brushing is also best at preserving delaminating siding. But there are some drawbacks. Hand brushing often shows unsightly brush marks on glossy finishes.

We provide both applications and can also combine spraying and backbrushing. We recommend establishing the best possible results for your home and budget. One of the most critical factors in delivering a high level of service is removing baseless and subjective preferences. Our service will never push things that you don’t need.

The Best Exterior House Paint For Raleigh, NC

Paint quality has merit and is crucial to how long your paint will last. We help you use the best house paints based on the season and the surface type. 

We don’t limit our recommendations to cost or availability. Instead, we base our advice on which product fits best and lasts the longest. Some paints excel better in other areas, from heat to fade to moisture resistance. The paint colors will also affect our recommendations.


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Receive your quote within 24hrs. Enjoy the benefits of a detailed electronic contract that conveniently offers credit card payment options!

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We are incredibly knowledgeable, net, and maintain a straightforward means of communicating the project, service details, and overall production.

4. Final Walk-Through​

Our quality is held to the highest standards and is inspected & guaranteed by a written warranty prior to final payment. 

“The quote was detailed and informative. The siding was replaced and the house was prepped and painted. Very happy with the outcome!”
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David Kindred
“They helped with the perfect solution to “patch” the house without having to replace all of the siding! You can’t even tell!”
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Anna Brawner
“This was the best experience I have ever had with home contractors. Courtney reviewed the work each day. I highly recommend A Touch of Color.”
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Dennis Shaver
“Our house needed painting, deck & exterior repairs, & staining. All were expertly handled on-site. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”
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Chris Reighn
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