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We are a licensed siding replacement company in Raleigh, NC. Unlike most underqualified siding companies, we understand and adhere to all proper siding installation practices. Hiring us lets you rest assured that your siding replacement needs are in the hands of dedicated professionals!

Raleigh Siding Types That We Offer

If you need siding repairs, we can also help with those, offering professional recommendations that leave your home sleek and well-protected! Our experience with various siding materials includes all the most common fiber cement manufacturers, such as Nichiha, James Hardie board, and Allura, as well as cedar and vinyl siding installations. For complete siding installations, we also offer optional rainscreen systems that can substantially increase the durability of your siding.

As a siding replacement contractor, we encourage and express the importance of housewrap. This added layer is one of the most critical static exterior forms of protection and is standard in today’s building codes. We offer woven and non-woven housewrap and other durable siding options that protect your home from mold, pollen, insects, and unwanted moisture.

Our Siding Replacement Advantages

Our comprehensive siding replacement services guarantee the ability to change out your Raleigh siding with detail and precision, enabling a seamless experience! We can also paint your siding and other areas of your home, which is convenient. But make no mistake—we don’t send painters with hammers to replace your siding. We have a team of dedicated siding experts with years of experience.

Choosing us as your home exterior siding company means all of your service needs will work seamlessly together! Combining any of our exterior services allows you to renovate or build with one licensed contractor. Hiring us will remove the unwanted hassle of contacting and qualifying multiple contractors!

When to Replace Your Siding

Ignoring damaged siding is never a wise or economical choice. It is also true that replacing all your siding is not always necessary. Our Raleigh siding quotes offer options, including the costs to repair only the most damaged areas (if the existing siding style is available.) Additionally, we recommend various siding types and materials to reduce future maintenance.

An airtight exterior wall cavity will increase home efficiency. Replacing all siding and installing house wrap will help keep unconditioned air out and retain quality indoor air! For either partial or complete siding replacements, let us take care of your siding needs from start to finish before woodpeckers or termites take over!

If your siding replacements are widespread, continuously patching faulty siding can become more costly in the long term. Here is a checklist that explains how to assess your siding.

Siding Cost and Services in Raleigh, NC

Complete siding replacement costs are no light expenses. Therefore, we have several payment options and accept credit card payments.

A major element of our service commitment involves minimizing disruption to your home and landscape. Trusting us with your siding replacements is truly an honor, and we intend to show it!

A siding company that can tackle your entire project makes the overall process and experience a breeze! Allow us an opportunity to demonstrate how our service excels! From wood cedar siding to fiber cement and more, we provide professional siding installations that last for years to come!


Professional Home Siding Replacement Service

Learn the process, materials, and other factors to consider. These are all the most common questions that you need answers to.

Yes. We purchase most of our cedar siding from American Cedar and Capital City Lumber. Read more.

Yes. Preprimed fiber cement siding can be painted, and we have painters in-house. However, we don’t recommend painting cedar siding. Read more.

Yes. We are a certified James Hardie Siding installer. Read more.

Our complete siding replacement includes house wrap and installations according to manufacturer specifications. Read more.

Yes. We install vinyl siding from PlyGem. Read more.

The only way to tell if the wall sheathing behind the siding is damaged is to remove the siding. Read more.

There are several home siding replacement options. However, fiber cement siding is the most popular. Read More.

Allura and Nichiha are also fiber cement siding manufacturers.

What To Expect From Us

1. Appointment

Contact us for your onsite or virtual quote. Optional calendars are provided to self-schedule appointments, requiring no disruptions to your day!

2. Quote/ Hiring​

Receive your quote within 24hrs. Enjoy the benefits of a detailed electronic contract that conveniently offers credit card payment options!

3. Work Onsite

We are incredibly knowledgeable, net, and maintain a straightforward means of communicating the project, service details, and overall production.

4. Final Walk-Through​

Our quality is held to the highest standards and is inspected & guaranteed by a written warranty prior to final payment. 

Each time he came to inspect my home after the initial replacing our siding. He would examine the work to make sure it was up to standards!
Happy Customer
Jesse Campbell
“They helped with the perfect solution to “patch” the house without having to replace all of the siding! You can’t even tell!”
Happy Customer
Anna Brawner
We have used ATOC for over a decade, and our experiences are always wonderful! Courtney is incredibly knowledgeable about best practices.
Happy Customer
Randy Scott
“The quote was detailed and informative. The siding was replaced and the house was prepped and painted. Very happy with the outcome!
Happy Customer
David Kindred
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