Ipe Deck Floor Restoration with Penofin 

Ipe Deck Floor Refinishing Steps & Details

If you’re lucky enough to have Ipe decking, you understand its value and why it’s critical to complete a deck repair or restoration without causing long-term damage. Proper cleaning and maintenance promise that a beautiful Ipe hardwood deck will last over 50 years. 

As experienced deck builders in Raleigh, NC, we understand that porch embellishment and backyard decking layouts can convey a message that helps or hinders an excellent first impression and sense of elegance about your home. Outdoor deck creations offer a place to enjoy the outdoor scenery. They are especially appreciated by homebodies who love the outdoors—keeping Brazilian Hardwood in the best shape guarantees that you’ll create incredible and lasting memories at the place you cherish most. 

Often, painter’s mistakes result from being unaware of the value and care a Brazilian hardwood deck or porch floor requires and inadvertently applying conventional deck stain or bleach. Hopefully, this accident has not already happened. But if it does, fortunately, there is a way to restore the decking to its stunning beauty. 

This article explains Ipe decking and the rules for maintaining or restoring the wood substrate.

What is Ipe decking?

Ipe is a type of wood valued for its durability. It grows in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, where it withstands the harshest and rainiest weather. Ipe has a natural barrier against mold, rot, early decay, and insect infestation, making it one of the most durable solutions for deck floors and handrails. 

Ipe can last even longer than 50 years if the porch is enclosed. That is utterly rare and remarkable. 


While composite decking, mainly a hybrid wood and plastic material, has become popular in recent years, it isn’t necessarily environmentally friendly. Although the material used by some deck manufacturers utilizes recycled plastic, the waste products and scraps from a deck build do not biodegrade due to their synthetic properties. On the other hand, Ipe is 100% natural and doesn’t contain plastic or chemicals. 

Brazilian wood costs several times more than traditional treated lumber. The proper perspective is viewing an Ipe home improvement project as a lasting and impactful investment. The typical range for an Ipe decking project is $5,500 to $13,800, with an average cost of $7 to $13 per linear foot. The average price of pressure-treated wood typically runs about $2 to $6 per foot. Of course, these numbers will continue to vary with the fluctuation of lumber prices.

Penofin Brazilian Hardwood Formula

Penofin is a penetrating, oil-based wood stain and sealer. It doubles the work by one step, and it is formulated to protect and enhance the appearance of natural wood. It will shield the wood from water, mold, mildew, and, most importantly, UV damage. It’s easy to apply and maintain and doesn’t require deck sanding or stripping when it’s time to reapply. 

The restoration process is straightforward, so you’re likely eager to get started and see how Penofin works to restore your Ipe deck. But first, you will need to be sure you have Ipe wood. Secondly, make sure you purchase the appropriate products. Otherwise, Penofin’s effectiveness and your deck floor will be compromised. Below, we’ll list the proper steps to ensure this restoration project restores and protects its intended way.

Ipe Deck Restoration Introduction

Thorough and accurate preparation is critical for the most effective Penofin coating. Carefully reading and following the steps listed below are vital to the success and longevity of Penofin wood stain and sealer.

Remember that preparing an Ipe deck for cleaning and staining is much different from preparing a traditional pressure-treated lumber deck. Rather than coating it with a layer of bleach mixture and blasting it with a pressure washer, Ipe requires special products and a process unique to this special Brazilian Hardwood. 

You should read this before doing it yourself or ensure you don’t hire a company that makes the wrong recommendations.

Step 1: Remove Stains:

To get the most out of your ipe deck restoration, you’ll want to start with the best surface possible. 

You may even need to remove a deep stain like wine or paint. Even if you don’t have visible staining, removing the mill glaze from the wood is critical for the best results. A product like Penofin 1st Step Prep ensures the deck is ready for restoration and opens the wood’s pores so the stain will penetrate deeper. 

  • Plan your project according to the weather. You’ll want to get this done on a day when the temperatures are low enough that the deck is not hot to the touch. 
  • Start by sweeping the surface with a stiff broom or a blower to remove debris from the deck. 
  • Shake the Penofin product well, then apply it to the clean, dry surface where the stain is. 

You can brush the product on, use a stain pad, or spray it with a pump-up sprayer with a plastic tip. Allow it to sit and penetrate the surface for 30 minutes before wiping and removing the excess product. 

Step 2: Clean and Rejuvenate Wood:

The second step is the most critical for a good outcome. You’ll need to return the wood to how it was after it was freshly cut at the mill, with the proper Ph before staining. 

Remember to always wear rubber gloves, eye protection, and solid shoes when applying a Penofin product.

  • Pour 1 to 2 cups of Penofin’s Pro-Tech Cleaner’s hydrogenated crystals into a gallon of water and combine. 
  • After misting the entire deck with water, use a brush or mop and apply Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner generously. 
  • Agitate the solution with a broom or nonmetallic stiff-bristled brush for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. 

For best results, work quickly. Do not allow the solution to dry on the surface. To prevent it from drying, mist it with water occasionally. 

Step 3: Apply the Brightener: 

Now, it is time to brighten up the deck. 

  • Add 1 to 2 cups of Penofin Pro-Tech Brightener into one gallon of clean water and mix depending on your desired result. 
  • Apply the solution with a plastic garden pump sprayer until it is well-coated. 
  • Wait 20 to 25 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water. Do not allow the brightening solution to dry on the surface. 

Now is the time to wait for the wood to dry. We recommend waiting at least 24 – 72 hrs. before applying the first coat.

Protecting Ipe with Penofin Oil

Now that the Ipe wood deck has been cleaned, it’s time to seal and protect it. Penofin’s penetrating oil formula deeply penetrates the wood, protecting it and adding deep, rich color and beauty that makes the entire process worth the effort.

The steps here are simple: Apply a generous coat of oil and let it dry. Although one coat usually does the trick, a second coat may be needed for exceptionally weathered Ipe deck floors.

Professional Deck Restoration Results 

Restoring an Ipe deck can be more complicated because different stains and damages require various methods.

We have a team of licensed professionals who are happy to help repair, build, or restore your deck and provide you with results tailored to your unique situation. We’ll do the work for you so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful Ipe hardwood deck and the unforgettable that you will undoubtedly create.

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