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Hiring the perfect painting company involves more than ensuring you get what you pay for. It’s important to trust and feel comfortable with the process overall. For over 20 years, we have painted your neighbors’ homes in Apex, NC, and surrounding areas, offering ease and peace of mind. We guarantee that you receive expert, transparent, and licensed house painting services every time.

Our goal is to meet and exceed your needs in a way that clearly shows the benefits of our services. Prompt, professional, and proper installations are not only what we offer; they are a part of who we are. Contact us and see it for yourself.

Quoting & Estimating Process

Each free home assessment is thorough, personal, and informative. We leave you with a booklet outlining all service details, including warranty and product specifications. During our in-person quotes, we understand there is a lot to cover and remember. If you forget to ask something, the information provided serves as a handy reference, answering frequently asked company and process-related questions.

Quotes come fast and are electronic, itemized, and clear to understand. And don’t worry, you don’t have to wait months for us to start your project either.

Exterior Painting Service Details

Each home we paint receives high-quality exterior paint, elaborate surface preparation, and professional spray, brush, or roll applications. Paying inexperienced exterior painters to use cheap paint is a no-no.

#1 Customizable Painting Approach
  • Spraying/ Hand Brushing
  • Repair/ Replacement Services
#2 Surface Cleaning
  • House Wash/ Cleaning
  • Remove Dirt, Growth, & Oxidation
#3 Covering Preparation
  • Covering/ Protecting Landscape
  • Proper Preparations
#4 Application/ Clean Up
  • Uniform Finish/ Trim Details
  • Cleanup Furniture Placement

Full exterior house painting prices in Apex range from 5 – 8k, and the majority of the cost is labor. So, taking any shortcuts is a waste and a disservice. Plus, we are paint nerds who take pride in providing long-lasting paint finishes.

Another benefit of hiring us for your house painting is that we can handle all exterior damages and add-ons, including siding and deck repairs, and complete building and installations.

List of Paintable Surfaces:

  • Brick
  • Siding
  • Trim
  • Shutters
  • Gutters
  • Doors
  • Deck Staining
  • Floors

Painting Interior Rooms With Quality in Mind

The ever-changing whirlwind of color innovations every few years makes it harder for homeowners to choose paint colors. From experience, we know the importance of painting colors that inspire. So, we provide articles and resources to help you find inspiration that fits the style of your home. If you hire us and already have inspiration, we can offer a few of the most common colors to date.

Interior paint selection is also an essential part of the process. Durability, washability, VOC, and a consistent finish are the most important factors when choosing quality indoor paint materials.

Painting straight lines requires mastering specific brush techniques, a steady hand, and a keen eye for detail. Even some painters with tons of experience can’t cut in very well. But a clean edge is how you know you have a professional paint job.

#1 Customizable Painting Approach
  • A Few Rooms at a Time
  • Faster For Cleared Spaces
#2 Room Protection & Covering
  • Floors/ Furniture/ Fixtures
  • Cabinetry Countertops
#3 Surface Preparations
  • Wall Sanding/ Repairs
  • Proper Preparations
#4 Application/ Clean Up
  • Straight Lines/ Smooth Finish
  • Cleanup Furniture Placement

Additional Interior Services:

Commercial Painting & Paint Type

Our commercial services are specific to painting offices, restaurants, and small buildings near Apex, NC. Commercial painting requires application and product knowledge and is often less straightforward than a residential service. Our commercial services include paints that resolve the common issues of frequent repaints and ongoing maintenance.

If you have areas of high traffic that are critical to daily operations and require quick turnaround, leading brands such as Sherwin-Williams offer options with fast dry times. Whatever your needs are, we find the best solutions.

We Are Not a Franchise

We are a small local contractor that provides high-quality services that guarantee simple, straightforward, and lasting results. Quality control is another advantage of hiring a small business that is not a franchise.

Most of our team, from the owner down, has over 25 years of experience. Each service also includes a dedicated manager and teams that understand the ins and outs of their trade.

Enjoy the convenience of having quick access to painters and carpenters managed by a painting and home repair provider with a long-lasting history of satisfied customers who live just around the corner. Call us today to get your free quote and experience the difference.


Your Complete Painting & Home Installations Solutions!

Our licensed seamless services work together, offering a hassle-free experience you can confidently watch with your hands in your pocket!

A small project can be completed in a day or two. Large painting projects take a week, and substantial installations can take up to 2 weeks.

We can typically start a project within 3-4 weeks.

Paint teams are 2 -4 men, and carpenters are a 2-3 man team.

Oh, yes! Outside of weather delays, we prefer a continuous process.

What To Expect From Us

1. Appointment

Contact us for your onsite or virtual quote. Optional calendars are provided to self-schedule appointments, requiring no disruptions to your day!

2. Quote/ Hiring​

Receive your quote within 24hrs. Enjoy the benefits of a detailed electronic contract that conveniently offers credit card payment options!

3. Work Onsite

We are incredibly knowledgeable, net, and maintain a straightforward means of communicating the project, service details, and overall production.

4. Final Walk-Through​

Our quality is held to the highest standards and is inspected & guaranteed by a written warranty prior to final payment. 

Each time he came to inspect my home after the initial replacing our siding. He would examine the work to make sure it was up to standards!
Happy Customer
Jesse Campbell
“They helped with the perfect solution to “patch” the house without having to replace all of the siding! You can’t even tell!”
Happy Customer
Anna Brawner
We have used ATOC for over a decade, and our experiences are always wonderful! Courtney is incredibly knowledgeable about best practices.
Happy Customer
Randy Scott
“Our house needed painting, deck & exterior repairs, & staining. All were expertly handled on-site. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”
Happy Customer
Chris Reighn
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