Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Color Reviewed By Pros

Choosing a paint color can be a tedious task, with many options and shades to choose from. Sherwin Williams is known to mix up an alluring array of colors, and Sea Salt is an exceptional color that has stood the test of time. If you are considering this beautiful color for your home, we will explain why you may have made a good choice. 

If the exterior of your home could use a fresh coat, Sea Salt (SW6204) is a stunning addition to shutters or a front door. With cool undertones, this color evokes a sense of relaxation while making areas appear more prominent. This color will open up any room, whether an accent wall or an ample living space. 

While neutrals have reigned supreme for years, the greiges have faced serious competition in Sea Salt.  

We will dive into colors that pair well with Sea Salt, including undertones and more! Join us as we explore this popular color and its unique characteristics.


An Introduction to Sea Salt 

Sea Salt is a classic Sherwin-Williams color, inherently both beautiful and mild. Technically felt as a cooler color, people have learned to appreciate the calming mood the color creates for rooms. Considered a green shade, it’s a popular choice for a soft pop. 

While some rooms stand out in this classic color, it’s best to remember Sea Salt is not neutral. The undertones are softly stated yet present. There are complementary colors, and naturally, some colors will clash. Are you wondering what colors pair best and which to avoid? 

The Best Colors to Pair with Sea Salt

Because Sherwin Williams Sea Salt delivers both blue and green undertones, it’s best to coordinate with other neutrals to avoid overstimulation of colors. Luckily for consumers, Sherwin-Williams offers a beautiful assortment of whites, creams, and grays. In our experience, colors that pair well include:


If you’re in the mood for a deeper color that pops and contrasts, Naval by Sherwin-Williams also pairs nicely. An excellent gesture – SW sells color samples, making it easier to pair colors and choose shades for your home before you paint. 

Finding a happy balance between warm and cool shades is a good rule of thumb. Sea Salt complements other cool colors nicely but appears mismatched when placed next to warmer hues, such as yellows. 

The True Undertones of Sea Salt

Reminiscent of crystal clear waters, Sea Salt is a chameleon of color. The color ranges from mellow green to faint blues, depending on how the light shines. Natural lighting most affects appearance, so a bathroom without windows may appear different from a living room full of light. 

While green is the true undertone of Sea Salt, blues frequently shine through. Interestingly, Sea Salt may appear gray when placed next to more concentrated greens and blues. When you visit your local Sherwin-Williams or their website, take a minute to compare similar paint colors. You’ll notice subtle differences, but undoubtedly the green undertones. 


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt & Its Popularity

A bestseller amongst homeowners everywhere, Sea Salt has continued to grow in popularity with no signs of slowing down. After applying this color in countless homes, we can confirm its versatility.  

Our professional painters frequently have this color in hand, resulting in happy clients. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, we look forward to introducing more consumers to this stunning shade. 

But is this shade right for you and your home? Well, it depends.

Making Sure It’s the Right Color

If you enjoy undertones of green and blue, this color will surely satisfy your eyes. If, however, you fell in love with this color on an episode of HGTV– we recommend heading to Sherwin Williams to get samples. 

A beautiful color indeed, Sea Salt pairs well with several colors, and there are a few to avoid. Although it is considered a soft shade and not too far from neutral, it cannot be considered a genuinely neutral color. 

Assessing how Sea Salt will complement joining areas and rooms of different colors in your home is a significant first step before initiating your house painting project. Don’t hesitate to tape paint swatches to other areas of the walls, either. It’s a great way to see how the lighting affects the actual color. 

The best and easiest way to obtain samples is to purchase peel-and-stick samples from Samplize. You can have the samples sent to your home within a few days. However, once you confirm the color, it’s best to purchase a paint sample to see how it compares to the paper sample before hiring a professional painter.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Rooms & Placement?

While we feel that Sea Salt is magnificent in nearly any room, it does an exceptional job of opening up small spaces with vibrance and neutrality. Sea Salt is the perfect muted blue/green color that is not overstated. 

We love seeing this shade in living rooms and bathrooms, as reviewers swear by its calming properties. Muted and tranquil, Sea Salt can transform a space from dismal and dull to delightful and airy in just one coat.   


It’s no surprise Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a best-selling shade, but don’t assume it’s only a good shade for bathrooms. This color is an excellent choice for any room needing a soft pop of color, especially bedrooms. 

Our bedrooms should be where we retreat – a stress-free room where we can escape to unwind. With ample lighting, it’s beautiful to watch the sun change the undertones of the color. Sea Salt will emit blue, green, and even gray undertones depending on the time of day. 

Few better colors encourage a restful sleep and a calming morning like Sea Salt. 


There are undoubtedly a lot of beautiful colors offered by Sherwin Williams colors, but SW6204 remains a favorite. Versatile and timeless, Sea Salt is a color perfect that will not disappoint. 

Whether you’re painting your beachside bungalow or apartment bathroom– this shade will turn any house into a home. As mentioned above, Sherwin Williams offers paint samples before purchasing, making the process as smooth as possible. 


If you’re ready to transform your home into a relaxing oasis, contact one of our professional painters today to schedule a free estimate.  

It’s not a question of if you’ll love it; it’s when.

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