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Looking closer at interior walls will likely reveal more repairs than you thought you had in your Raleigh home. These drywall patches need sanding and repainting, making them more involved than what meets the eye.

Whether your home or commercial building is new or old, gypsum drywall, better known as sheetrock, is notorious for developing cracks, splits, nail pops, and other failures, occurring on every drywall surface over time. 

Our services provide a holistic approach to solving all your painting and drywall needs, and we are diving into how.

Drywall Dust Elimination

Our experienced drywall contractors identify your interior ceiling and wall repairs and ensure they are repaired or replaced without notice. One of the most significant benefits of hiring a professional is dust control. Not only do we illuminate your walls and ceilings to identify all the imperfections, but we also maximize dust prevention with dust containment poles and plastic off each room to limit dust flowing into non-working areas.

Our commitment to quality includes using power sanders to remove paint drips, unwanted wall texture, and more significant drywall repairs. Doing so thoroughly sands surfaces and connects wall sanders to vacuums, collecting and reducing airborne drywall dust.

When you connect with our team of drywall professionals to patch holes in drywall, you have peace of mind knowing the process is full service and offers minimal disruption, especially when done efficiently and effectively, which is precisely what you receive.

Maintaining Wall & Ceiling Repairs, Nailpops, & Cracks

Fixing drywall holes involves nail pop repair, often widespread in older homes because drywall nails were used instead of screws.

Today’s building standards provide moderate advancements in sheetrock technology. While the composition of walls has not changed much, it is now standard to use screws instead of nails to hang drywall on walls and ceilings. 

Maintaining drywall is critical when you have an older home; otherwise, drywall cracks and sags develop. Luckily, setting a drywall nail or screw is not hard, and the repairs are paintable when you have matching touchup paint.

Drywall Installation Costs Raleigh, NC

Raleigh drywall installation costs range from ¢70. – $1.50 per square foot, including residential and new construction applications. Sound barriers and water-resistant drywall installations cost more, especially in commercial settings. 

Drywall tape is another important factor when installing drywall. Fiber mesh tape is best for repairing more advanced drywall cracks, and installing plastic drywall inside corners is a best practice to prevent ceiling and wall interface cracks from occurring when homes settle. Any commercial or home sheetrock wall will find metal outside corners, which is a required building code. 

When you want convenience and expertise, hire us to make your indoor repair and painting project smooth and seamless.

Drywall Spackle And Compounds

Having met many homeowners in Raleigh and surrounding areas of the Triangle, we have witnessed firsthand multiple failed DIY attempts at indoor wall repairs. If this is you, we take no offense to your efforts – in fact, we would like to offer some support. 

Suppose your repairs are minor, and you are considering patching them. In that case, we recommend increasing your chances of success by understanding drywall compounds and how to mud & tape drywall. 

There is spackling, which is lightweight and used for minor repairs. Companies such as 3M provide drywall mud mixed with primer to make the repair easier to paint over.

Compounds are best for seaming and taping drywall and can be used for repairs if you have experience. Different types of drywall mud provide unique advantages, such as quicker dry times, increased strength, and more manageable sanding. Knowing which to use will decrease the chances of unsightly repairs and future failures.

Raleigh Drywall Repair Service

We provide you with full-service expertise to show that there’s more to wall repairs than you may expect, from painting to sanding, choosing the right spackle or compounds, and masking the room to limit dust. 

So, not only do you benefit from our quality drywall patchwork, but you also get the benefit of hiring a licensed company with equal painting and home service experience. 

Lastly, our service involves pairs and installations that limit the invasive process and the potential for recurring damages, including a warranty and service quality guarantee. We cover all your needs, from popcorn ceiling removal and more!

Ceiling Water Damage And Stains

We all know what happens when drywall gets wet, especially if you are a homeowner. Once the leak is repaired, replacing the drywall according to how severe or often the area got wet is essential. Secondly, surrounding areas containing water spots must be primed and repainted. 

When you have ceiling damage, our interior painting & repairs include taking the proper steps, ensuring the water spots are sealed, and that the ceiling or walls are painted smooth and uniformly. 

Whatever your repair needs are, allow us to visit and assess your drywall repairs to show how we can help.


Home Drywall Repairs & Everything Needed For A Better Look!

Learn the benefits of combining our drywall repair and installation service with other interior wall services.

Yes, our drywall repairs are part of our interior painting services.

Yes. We will remove the wallpaper, but we will not install it. Read more.

In some cases, you can paint over wallpaper. However, 90 percent of the time, it’s best to remove it. Read more.

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