Our Top 6 Black Paint Colors by Sherwin Williams

Black is a timeless color that can accentuate exterior areas, such as entry doors, exterior shutters, gutters, and other home embellishments. Whether you are painting the exterior or interior of your home, there are several black paint colors, all with subtle yet noticeably variating undertones that you may overlook before painting. 

If you happen to be inspired or even overwhelmed in your pursuit of choosing the perfect black paint color, you are in the right place! 

We will describe undertones and reveal how the most popular black colors by Sherwin William stand out, displaying why our top-6 choices are serious considerations.

Stock/ Prepackaged Black Colors

Black provides a rich, elegant hue that matches and coordinates better than nearly any color. But there are two main drawbacks to consider. First, black is subject to fade in the sun. Secondly, black paint shows smudges and fingerprints and can be cumbersome to apply.

The best way to reduce the chances of fade is to pick stock black colors that contain carbon black. Without getting too deep into it, stock black colors are premixed colors. Premixed black paint colors are already made in the factory and don’t have to be tinted. 

SW-Prepackaged-Black -Paint

Stock black colors containing natural carbon black pigmentation offer increased hide, smoother applications, and resist UV better than colors mixed from your local paint store. 

Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and PPG offer exceptionally high-performing prepackaged black colors.

Applying Black Paint

Black paint is most notably applied to exterior surfaces, and hot paint temperatures often challenge exterior painters’ efforts. Hot surface temperatures accelerate paint dry times, increasing visible brush strokes and unsightly lap marks.

Conversely, cool weather slows the drying process. Sometimes, cooler weather can prevent dark colors from fully curing. 

Glossy paint finishes, standard on doors, windows, and other interior or exterior trim, also exacerbate heavy paint stippling, making it more critical to ensure the finish is uniform. Often, painters have to paint quickly, evading direct sunlight to ensure black coatings appear as smooth and uniform as possible in exterior settings. 

The best way to reduce visible smudges and eliminate sticky, “dirt collecting” surfaces is to purchase premium enamel paints that are less subject to becoming malleable under heat or direct sunlight.

Durable paint coating enhancements are significant for doors and windows. 

Black Paint Application Tips

We will not immerse you in instructions on how to brush, spray, or roll paint and articulate all the nuanced variations; rather, we will share a few tips from our experiences to help ease the pain of painting with black paint. 

Pro Interior Application Tips:

  1. Cut in and roll one wall at a time. 
  2. Roll the wall before the brushed areas dry. 
  3. Flowtrol paint additive to slow down the paint dry time. 
  4. Roller naps should not exceed 1/4 – 3/8.
  5. Roll directly straight up and down and limit overlapping.

Pro Exterior Application Tips:

  1. Dark colors that are sprayed will appear different than those brushed or rolled. 
  2. Touching up a sprayed finish with a brush or roller will be noticeable. 
  3. Brushing hot doors or shutters will increase brush marks.
  4. Professionally brushed paint finishes should align with the existing wood grain. 
  5. Black paint loses adhesion due to heavy pigmentation. Purchase high-quality paints with increased adhesion properties to prevent future peeling. 

Tricorn Black

Tricorn Black remains one of Sherwin-Williams’ most popular black colors. This nostalgic and deep color is the richest and most pure form of black of any SW palette. 


Tricorn Black is offered in prepackaged formulations, providing the best performance and UV resistance. If you are looking for a black color with no compromise or subtle undertones, Tricorn Black is a native black color that will not disappoint.

Iron Ore

Iron Ore is an ultra-rich paint color that has characteristics of charcoal gray, although gray is not perceived at first glance.


Iron Ore offers a deep shade of black and ever-so-subtle green hues depending on the lighting, making it pair well in modern layouts. But make no mistake; this color will appear black, offering an undeniably unique flair and sophistication.

Deep Forest Brown

Deep Forest Brown is an excellent consideration if you seek a dark yet earthy accented pop. This Sherwin-Williams color offers the dominance of black with a slight rustic brown undertone.


Most will appreciate Deep Forest as not being easily characterized as any single color and its timeless and unique nature. It may not be dark enough for black loyalists, but most will find it deep, elegant, and warm enough.

Black Fox

More brown than other recommendations, Black Fox is argued as not an actual black color. This paint color embodies raw umber, maroon, and heavy black tints. 


Black Fox can appear lighter than desired in well-lit areas. But its undeniable natural allure will complement any natural wood textures or embellishments in a deeply accented way that no other Sherwin-Williams color can.

Dark Room

Living up to its name, this distinguished SW color, Dark Room, separates itself from natural black and brown undertones by offering the artistic colors of purple and red. 


With black being the dominant hue, this color still offers a deep yet eclectic and rich tone. When placed in the right setting, this color provides a sense of artistry that evokes a modernized custom and unique pop without being too colorful or energetic.


When looking for a dark color that is not dismal, Domino is a top contender. With undertones of purple and blue, this is the most colorful “dark color” within our recommendations. 


Perfect for the artistic mind, Sherwin Williams Domino is dark yet still captivates the imagination. Not as bold as some, Domino has a relaxed color tone that is still dark enough to accent playroom walls, cabinets, and more. 

Choosing the Best Black Color

Are you looking for a simplistic pop that offers a modern allusive flare?

Choosing a complimenting and inspirational black color for your interior or exterior space is not as simple as selecting your favorite hue.

It’s essential to consider the placement of the accent and decide if the black color is meant to be the focal point or merely serves as a muted complement. Also, consider the predominant color accompanying the accent. 


Continually evaluate functionality, intention, and hue intensity when choosing paint colors. Discerning your design and layout goals will take time, but picking colors becomes much more manageable and enjoyable once you obtain solid direction. Once you have a conclusive color direction, the bi-product is an unwavering purpose and confident color inspiration that leads to a surefooted selection. 

One of our most common combinations is Repose Gray paired with Iron Ore or Tricorn Black.

Paint Recommendations

One of our highest exterior paint recommendations from Sherwin-Williams is Duration Exterior. For handrails and metal surfaces, we recommend Pro Industrial Urethane Enamel. Always use high-temperature paint when applying to areas that will exceed 140 degrees. 

Sherwin Williams Gallery Series Cabinet Paint offers an exceptional finish and durability for painting dark cabinets on a slight budget. 


See how our top color choices compare to other considerations! There are additional black paint color considerations that were not mentioned. We recommend comparing colors at your nearest paint dealer for a more comprehensive comparison. 

However, if you have gained insight and fortified your inspiration, maybe the next step is to hire a professional. Looking for service in the Raleigh area? Contact us today!

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