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Customer Preparations Prior to Interior Painter’s Arrival

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Please plan in which order you would like the areas painted. Some places will take longer than others.

Often, common areas such as halls contain the least amount of disruption. We may work in these areas as we prepare for the next room. 

We recommend low-odor paints for most interior painting applications. Therefore, the smell goes away quickly. However, those most sensitive to paint vapors should temporarily plan to be in other areas or consider a zero (VOC) paint.

If we are conducting extensive repairs, or if the area requires unique painting or prep, it will most likely take a few trips to that area. Prepare for at least two days or more before using that area.

Things To Consider

Please remove any fragile items from the area, especially china and expensive decorative items. Also, please completely remove all items from the cabinet before moving.

Everything in the area gets covered. If delicate furniture, electronics, glass, or an heirloom is tricky to move, please bring it to our attention before we arrive or notify the team leader before starting.

Bookcases can be heavy at times, and moving furniture while weighted can damage the flooring or furniture. Ensure that we are aware of heavy items so that we have the necessary assistance if needed. 

Pianos and refrigerators will damage hardwoods if moved incorrectly. Let us know if any heavy items such as these will need moving.

Paintings, pictures, posters, etc., that require relocating should have the hardware removed from the wall to mud over the holes. Or, let us know which ones will stay up and which items will need relocating.

If practical, we would like electronics unplugged from the walls to provide easier access to the area. We try to stay away from disconnecting or reconnecting complex electronic wiring.

Closets: Please remove all clothing if we are painting closets. Be mindful that we often need to enclose the area with plastic. If we are not painting the closets, please retrieve all clothing required before paint production.

Kitchens: Please clear all counters and tables so that we can cover them. Placing items in common areas and hallways is ideal if we are painting inside the pantry.

Bedrooms: If we do not need overhead access to the area, items in the bedroom can usually be put on the bed. Consider the bed’s weight so that we can still move it. Please remove all personal items.

Kid’s Rooms: Be sure to prepare for kids to sleep elsewhere for the night. Remove a change of clothes and other necessary items needed.

Bathrooms: These areas usually take little time unless significant repairs are involved. Just in case, ensure you have all you need out of the shower and other areas. Please clear all personal items, countertops, and towel racks.

#1 Customizable Painting Approach
  • A Few Rooms at a Time
  • Faster For Cleared Spaces
#2 Room Protection & Covering
  • Floors/ Furniture/ Fixtures
  • Cabinetry Countertops
#3 Surface Preparations
  • Wall Sanding/ Repairs
  • Proper Preparations
#4 Application/ Clean Up
  • Straight Lines/ Smooth Finish
  • Cleanup Furniture Placement

Full-Service Interior Painting Options

  • Foyers/ Halls/ Entrances
  • Kitchens/ Nooks/ Mudrooms
  • Dining Room/ Wet Bar/ Butler Pantry
  • Living Room/ Family Room
  • Bedrooms/ Nursuries/ Bonus Room
  • Bathrooms/ Laundry Rooms
  • Cabinets
  • Popcorn Ceiling/ Wallpaper Removal
Each time he came to inspect my home after the initial replacing our siding. He would examine the work to make sure it was up to standards!
Happy Customer
Jesse Campbell
“They helped with the perfect solution to “patch” the house without having to replace all of the siding! You can’t even tell!”
Happy Customer
Anna Brawner
We have used ATOC for over a decade, and our experiences are always wonderful! Courtney is incredibly knowledgeable about best practices.
Happy Customer
Randy Scott
“Our house needed painting, deck & exterior repairs, & staining. All were expertly handled on-site. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”
Happy Customer
Chris Reighn
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