Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Review & History

Here, we are reviewing Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint. Which exterior house paints are the best? It’s challenging to stay current with the changes in painting products unless you are a painter, contractor, or retailer.

We are professional house painters who review various interior and exterior painting products, including performance and other vital application feedback.

Here is what we have to say about our experience with Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint.

SW SuperPaint History

SuperPaint has been Sherwin-Williams’s bread and butter for years. It once was a great price point product. The performance, considering hide and coverage, was above average. This product was the go-to product for many exterior painters and contractors.

For many years, it was Sherwin-Williams’s highest-grade exterior paint. But like many products, it has changed. The first major change was price increases. The contractor price in the earlier 2000s was around $16.00 for each gallon. Current prices have surpassed this by more than double. However, price does not cause a concern by itself.


SuperPaint has also been reformulated numerous times over the past few years. According to several exterior paint contractors, these changes have not proven beneficial.

SuperPaint Reformulation Benefits & Drawbacks

The advantages of SuperPaint are ease of application, adhesion, acrylic polymers, and zinc oxide content. The drawbacks are price,  coverage, and viscosity.

Extra White and Super White colors are commonly used on exterior trim. However, these colors lack coverage and flow in satin and gloss finishes. How the paint flows or spreads heavily influences how the paint will level.

SuperPaint Review

SuperPaint claims to contain around 43% solids. However, with gloss finishes, the consistency seems a bit watery. This is especially true with shades of white that contain an extra-white base and require little colorant.

In our experience, this exterior house paint doesn’t start to cover until it has thickened in the bucket used for application (also known as a cut bucket). Sherwin-Williams has Latitude, which addresses most of these application issues.


In conclusion, SuperPaint is a product that has paved the way for Sherwin-Williams to introduce many lines of exterior paint. Is it now an underachieving paint that will require yet another reformulation? Or will Sherwin-Williams eventually delete the product altogether? Only time will tell!

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