Pollen Affects on Exterior House Painting

Can pollen affect outdoor painting? Should you postpone your exterior house painting project until the end of pollen season? When looking for recommendations from painters, you will likely get contradicting options. Here are the facts.

Like painting over dirt or any loose contaminants, painting over excess amounts of pollen causes adhesion issues. However, a professional painter should always pressure wash and dust the surface before painting, removing all contaminants. Most consumers’ concerns relate to light pollen and the inconvenience of it sticking to everything and entering their homes, which does not affect the lifespan of exterior paint.

Painting During Pollen Season

Overall, seasonal pollen does not affect house paint, shorten its lifespan, or negatively impact its finish, color, or durability. Additionally, conventional outdoor house paint dries within 1 – 2 hours in temperatures above 50 degrees, reducing the chances of excess pollen being able to collect on the surface. Therefore, there are no adverse effects from average amounts of tree, weed, or grass pollen settling on dry or wet painted surfaces.


Like fine dust, pollen can be easily wiped, blown, or rinsed off before applying household paints. However, in rare and extreme cases of pollen or dust storms, painters should not paint in these conditions.

Pollen, Dust, & Adhesion

Mild dust is to be expected on outdoor surfaces. Once exterior painters have dusted the areas, painting over light pollen is comparable to painting over a mildly dusty surface. Additionally, only a few areas outside your home are prone to excess pollen build-up, which are window sills, doors, shutters, and handrails.

Extreme pollen counts could affect paint adhesion. However, a professional painting service includes proper surface preparation before starting the work. If pollen counts are at an all-time high just before starting the work, ask your contractor to pressure wash closer to the day of application.

Additional Painting Considerations

There are some other factors you may want to consider when picking the time to paint the exterior of your home.

Doors & Windows: If you are having doors and windows painted, they will likely have to be opened unless they are stationary. Consider picking a time of year with moderate temperatures to have your windows and doors completely open. Opening doors and windows may not be ideal if pollen causes sniffling and sneezing. If you plan to paint during pollen season, consider how pollen affects you and your family.


Most exterior painters say the best time to paint the exterior of your home is in the springtime to get the most extended lifespan out of your new paint job. While some homeowners may forget about the influx of pollen during the springtime, others remain worried that pollen will ruin the finish.

As a professional painting contractor, we have painted homes during pollen seasons for over 20 years and provide a warranty for the work performed. With good judgment and consideration, our service includes being attentive during paint preparation and application.

If you live near the Triangle area or in Raleigh, NC, contact us for your next house painting project.

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