Painter Costs & Wages In Raleigh, North Carolina

An exterior home repainting from a professional service provider will cost $3-6 per square foot, resulting in the average Raleigh home starting at $5,000.00. Paint preparations, repairs, number of coats, and paint type influence the total price.

Interior painting prices in Raleigh, NC, vary widely due to an inconsistent method of calculating each room. The cost ranges from $300 to $2,500 for large two-story living rooms. Painters also factor in insurance rates, labor rates, workers’ compensation coverage, and local material costs, all influencing the total cost. 

How Much Do Painters Charge Per Hour?

According to the Bureau of Labor, house painting rates increased from $35 to nearly $50 an hour from 2017 to today, but painters’ wages increased 30% less, falling behind other licensed trades. 


The lack of wage growth reveals a disparagement of value in professional painting services and reflects a slower maturing market. Some of this lack of development is attributed to trade saturation and increases in the cost of paint material. 

The average paint business only stays in business for 4-12 years. We have seen several paint businesses go out of business even as the painting industry remains strong and in high demand here in Raleigh, NC.

What Do Painters Charge Per Day

Not all painters charge by the day, but daily rates provide an easy way to price minor paint touchups and other small jobs. Most reputable painters in the Triangle have project minimums, and daily rates will depend on project size, averaging $700 – $1,500.00 for three painters over an eight-hour workday.

Negotiating Paint Contractor Prices

It is OK to ask if painters have discounts, especially for costly home exterior painting projects. When you receive a lower quote from a competing company, ask if the price can be matched, but make sure you compare competing companies for the exact service. Some companies will require you to show proof of the lower bid before considering the price adjustment. 

If you are willing to be transparent, a contractor who wants your business will allow room for reasonable negotiations, typically in the form of a discounted price or material adjustment. However, a lower price is not applicable in every scenario, especially when a contractor is compared to a lower-tier service provider.

Be sure to compare the bottom-line price; while most discounted rates are legitimate, some contractors’ business model is based on elusive discounted quotes to win your business. While choosing the lowest quote or a company solely based on price is not recommended, be sure prices are comparable and you know what you are paying for if you decide on the higher bid.

Size & Overhead

Rates also largely depend on who you are hiring. Larger painting companies naturally have more overhead but also have the labor force, capacity, and resources to ensure quick turnaround times, which are often the better choice to guarantee quality. Usually, professional paint contractors will also have a proven record of satisfaction in the form of credentials and client reviews. 

We provide the best house painting quotes, itemizing all costs for every paintable surface. Our clients are amazed at the process and how well our proposals are constructed. Contact us today for a professional house painting cost analysis in Raleigh, NC.

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