Everlast Composite Siding Comparison

Let’s be honest; a complete siding replacement renders financial challenges for most homeowners. While some siding options are inherently more expensive, even the lower-priced home siding installations often sway consumers to reconsider or postpone. 

Some industry-leading and generally more expensive siding manufacturers often underdeliver in performance while material costs continue to rise. 

Replacement siding is nothing short of an investment, and luckily, a new composite siding has revolutionized the siding industry. Finally, a premium siding option performs and will exceed expectations! 

Everlast Siding

  • Everlast siding supersedes over-guaranteed prepainted siding offerings that are often prone to delaminate. 
  • Everlast siding is also more fire-resistant than conventional plastic siding. 

We will review and continue to outline the benefits of Everlast siding and explore more about what makes Everlast an overachiever!

Everlast Composite Siding at a Glance

Generally, plastic exterior veneers such as siding are not considered premium home improvement options. Therefore, in many cases, outside of PVC trim, plastic siding can devalue homes, especially in neighborhoods where vinyl is not predominant. However, composite siding is more premium than vinyl and should be categorized as such.

Several siding replacement companies share a long history of concerns and vehemently recommend against vinyl siding installation. While this siding is still in use, we agree with the legitimate list of problems, including a lack of resilience against heat and oxidation. But as today’s building technologies continue to advance, turning a blind eye to composite siding merely because it contains PVC would be a severe oversite.  

Everlast Premium composite siding is nothing like vinyl. Composite is denser and contains treated fibers, resisting fire and degradation. Everlast also simplifies siding options by providing only one premium siding option. Let’s see how Everlast Siding stacks up against other options. 

How Everlast Appears & Performs

From afar and up close, the 1/4 thickness of each board provides a noticeably increased depth of feel that adds to its natural wood appearance, separating itself in many ways from its composite counterparts.  

The texture of each board is subtle and doesn’t try to overplay its wood-like characteristics. But the woodgrain profile of the siding is merely one of many indicators that evince premium construction. 

The second but arguably most substantial advancement that Everlast offers is its “material science.” This reference has been taken directly from their literature and may not mean much initially, but we will explain the essence of what Everlast’s “material science” entails.

Everylast’s manufacturing advancements involve what’s referred to as their C-Core technology. C -Core is a mineral-enriched composite substrate process that helps retain color and increases fortification. Most importantly, C- Core is also the primary process by which Everlast increases its composite sidings’ resistance to moisture. 


How does this process enhance your siding durability? 

Long-term satisfaction with a premium Everlast siding installation is very promising due to the advancements in new technologies. First, Everlast siding will not crack, blister, swell, or delaminate. Secondly, most will appreciate the improvement of color retention, limiting the need to paint or maintain the siding. 

Everlast offers the most significantly reduced maintenance of any siding by comparison. From a siding company with first-hand experience installing this premium product, we are astonished by the construction and Everlast’s attention to detail.

Everlast Compared to Fiber Cement

It’s true – cement siding manufacturers still reign supreme today. When first introduced, fiber cement provided unmatched warranties. However, as cement siding companies’ warranty terms continue to dive and public awareness of siding delamination becomes more evident, the appropriation of an improved siding option becomes more apparent. 

The main issue is that most siding replacement companies install fiber cement incorrectly. While this siding is far better than most options and is still considered a premium option, siding installers must utilize modern siding installation practices to ensure long-term durability. 

Fire resistance keeps cement siding relevant and ensures a majority market share. Ease of installation also keeps this form of siding at a competitive price point.

Adversely, Everlast has a learning curve for siding installers. The added layers of complexity contribute to increased total labor costs. Everlast understands this issue and attempts to offset the added time by providing a built-in clip system. The clip system not only helps to reduce labor but also guarantees that each piece of siding gets installed consistently, adding dimension and security. We will cover more on this in just a second.

Moisture will inevitably have contact with all exterior home substrates. So, moisture resistance must be prioritized for all exterior surfaces. Everlast’s resistance to moisture is undeniable and advantageous in preventing premature siding failures. 

Climates containing high humidity, heavy or constant rainstorms, and increased morning dewpoints all have one thing in common, abundant atmospheric water vapor. Over 49% of homes contain one or more of these climates. So, water resistance should be highly regarded for all home construction, and Everlast composite siding offers just that.

Everlast Siding Benefits

  • No Painting or Caulking Required
  • Resistance to Excessive Water
  • Resistant UV & Color Fade
  • No Splits, Warping, or Measurable Expansion
  • Withstands High Winds
  • Insect Resistant

Everlast Composite Siding Costs

Cost is at the forefront of most buyers’ minds. While we are undoubtedly sensitive to those needing lower-cost options, seeing a siding brand prioritizing quality is refreshing. Composite siding makes a lot of sense for the minority buyer who places quality over price. 

Everlast does not claim or aim to be a cost-effective option, at least not in the short term. So, if you are considering this option, be prepared to pay more, especially if you compare it to vinyl. 

As a buyer, you first have to decide what’s most important. If price is important, vinyl is likely a better fit. Vinyl siding is thin and is typically a budget-friendly option. Expect to pay up to 20-30% less than composite siding. 

You can also expect installation times to be roughly 10-15% more than a premium cement siding install, which is not much more. However, the main differentiator is material costs, which are unavoidable. 

Don’t forget to factor in the painting cost when applicable when comparing options. If you have not received siding replacement quotes, most of these numbers will seem esoteric and won’t make sense. Once you have taken the proper steps to initiate the process of assessing siding contractors, it’s also important to acknowledge that each market is slightly different. The laws, requirements, and almost everything else will vastly vary among states and contractors. 

Therefore, there isn’t one single rate that applies to all scenarios and areas. So, we are not fans of national averages. Although, for those looking for a figure, the national average for siding ranges from $300 – $525 (per square = a 10×10 area.) Due to the volatility of materials and labor costs, this range is expected to increase over time. 

Outside of price, service quality is vital to long-term success. An experienced vinyl siding installer will find Everlast siding reminiscent of a vinyl siding installation. Everlast’s EZStack interlocking system guarantees properly spaced siding and a weather-tight seal. This system also increases siding smoothness and leveling and limits rattling caused by wind and vibration.

The stainless-steel construction is another sign of a premium product. Homeowners and installers will be thrilled to know that no significant gaps or expansion joints need caulking due to the tight seals that Everlast Siding offers when installed correctly. The minor and discrete joints are attributed to the stainless-steel joining brackets and consistent dimensions.

Siding Styles

Composite siding doesn’t necessarily have to look different from your existing siding. In fact, most homeowners invite the visual cues of traditional lap siding, desiring the same look but merely wanting the siding to hold up longer. 


Everlast offers lap siding profiles that resemble traditional siding and are available in small and larger sizes. Everlast clapboard style siding sizes include 6 7/8 and 4 1/2. Both sizes are offered in over 15 colors!

Board and batten siding demand has increased. Luckily, Everlast has not left this siding style out of its lineup. Everlast’s board and batten’s one-piece design most impressively increases installation efficiency. Traditionally, board and batten have been one of the most expensive siding styles, but thanks to advancements, board and batten siding is now more obtainable. 

Siding installation would not be complete without matching trim and accessories, and Everlast doesn’t fall short! There are matching corner boards, soffits, and trim, including various accessories and so much more!

Our Final Verdict

We will start with the minor negative aspects and conclude from a different perspective. 

The first obvious drawback is that composite siding is expensive and requires a complete home installation, considering the siding thickness and profile are not exact to your existing siding. 

Perhaps the most legitimate concern is the lack of time! We know how companies promise the world when introducing a new product; it’s called marketing. Composite siding is relatively new to the market, although proof of concept has been proven in other composite applications such as Timbertech decking. So, the technology is apparent, but more time is needed to demonstrate success. 

With those slight concerns out of the way, we recommend avoiding siding companies that fearmonger and recommend against a product based on lack of knowledge. If you are considering Everlast, ask if your contractor has experience using it. Identifying experience before inviting contractors for a siding replacement quote will ensure that you receive professional recommendations. 

Does your contractor have a vested interest in recommending against Everlast?

It’s undoubtedly refreshing to see a new introduction pushing technological limits while reducing future potential siding maintenance costs. Will Everlast live up to its name? So far, so good!

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