A Pros Take On Sherwin-Williams ProClassic Paint

Everyone knows Sherwin is an industry leader regarding household paint offerings. However, SW’s overflow of paint options frequently distorts buyers’ decisions, resulting in high-performing paint products being ignored. 

If you are searching for quality interior trim or cabinet paint from SW, you may not have heard much about ProClassic interior paint. Often, paint choices are misguided, even for the ones well acquainted with ProClassic. In our opinion, Proclassic often gets grossly overlooked and is not recommended nearly enough. 


Believe us when we say ProClassic is worth considering and should be a top contender for premium interior trim paint.

You will not regret buying SW ProClassic for interior trim, but buyers must first understand how Proclassic differs and create fair expectations. This product has never received fair use or awareness, and here we explain why and what it excels at, giving it the exposure it deserves! 

An Introduction to ProClassic

ProClassic is not a new offering by SW. It’s been around for quite some time. But most clerks at paint counters introduce ProClassic incorrectly. Some describe it as best used for higher-end homes, columns, or fancy trim. Others present ProClassic as a cabinet-specific paint. 

ProClassic is a self-leveling premium trim paint that is great for trim and cabinet painting in anyone’s home. ProClassic has been mismarketed and overshadowed by more familiar offerings for too long. 

On the other hand, application nuances give ProClassic different characteristics from other Sherwin-Williams paints. Let us further explain within the categories below.


Applying ProClassic

Painters can spray or brush ProClassic, but it may take a little more experience to apply Proclassic to prevent paint runs and sags. Since ProClassic is self-leveling, its paint properties differ slightly from other interior satin, semi-gloss, and gloss paint finishes

Proclassic Waterborne Enamel is thinner. Since there is less body and viscosity, it’s essential not to apply heavy coats. 

The second feature is its increased open time. Staying wet or “open” longer helps the paint level out and rids dried surfaces from unwanted stipples and unsightly brush strokes. 

A thinner paint that stays open longer is more prone to runs but offers a smoother finish. We recommend spraying ProClassic for the best results, but an experienced painter can also brush Proclassic just fine. Just be sure to backtrack, checking for potential runs in corners or areas prone to paint collection. 

Performance & Coverage

Even though Proclassic is a slower-drying interior paint, it’s a hard finish once it does dry. Since Proclassic is an enamel, it outperforms other interior trim paints in noticeable and appreciated ways that offer long-term durability. 

Although coverage is not its best attribute, it performs well enough for two coats to suffice in most interior situations. Additional coats are needed only when high-reflective base colors are applied. High-reflective colors offered by SW have limited pigmentation. Therefore, you can expect numerous coats for colors that call for that base. 

Areas Where ProClassic is Most Beneficial

ProClassic is a trim-specific paint. That’s what makes it so great! There are significantly fewer vinyl polymers and fillers than other trim paints offered, such as SW Cashmere. 

Have you ever had a can in a pantry or a book stuck to the paint on a shelf? That tacky or sticky feeling is non-existent with ProClassic. ProClassic eliminates things sticking to surfaces, including dust, and is more resistant to mold and mildew growth, although it’s not marketed as antimicrobial


ProClassic acrylic paints are more resistant to dulling and yellowing over time. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the back of closet doors yellowing over time in dark areas.

Oil vs. Water-Based ProClassic Paint

The Proclassic lineup provides a couple of different options. Options range from oil, acrylic, and our favorite waterborne alkyd. 

ProClassic oil-based paint drags and is hard to brush, similar to other oils. We recommend spraying oil with a fine finish tip for the best application and appearance or using a paint additive to make it easier to brush.

The acrylic and waterborne alkyd paints are easy to spray and brush smoothly with minimal drag. Aside from the water-borne alkyd being a low-viscosity enamel, we enjoy the overall performance as long as we keep the first coat thin.

Cleaning ProClassic From Tools

Sherwin-Williams paints are not always easy to clean from paint brushes. You would have to be an experienced painter to notice the subtle increase in effort. 

Paint being challenging to remove from tools is not necessarily a bad thing. SW is known to offer class-leading paint adhesion. So, our take is that the extra efforts of clean-up are well worth the added adhesion where it counts. 

The water-based versions clean up with soap and water, while the oil-based option requires mineral spirits or paint thinner.


The Added Cost of ProClassic

Paint costs, in general, are higher than ever. ProClassic interior trim paint is no exception. In many ways, house painters would argue that it is overpriced. Our take is to overpay for subpar results or pay a premium for Proclassic to get outstanding results. 

Through our experience, we have enjoyed ProClassic through all of its reformulations. By now, you probably already know that we recommend and encourage the upgraded performance that ProClassic offers despite the cost. 

Today, you can expect to pay $64 – $91 for each gallon, depending on contractor pricing, homeowner coupons, and seasonal discounts. But like everything else, those prices are sure to increase.

Concluding Our Assessment

If the application or added cost makes you leery, be mindful that you can always purchase a single gallon to try it out. 

Remember, painting trim is tedious and requires the least amount of paint, but the added durability is well worth it, in our opinion. 

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