OSI Quad Max Sealant Review

OSI Quad Max Sealant Review: The Best & Most Advanced Caulk

With growing interest in our past caulking articles, we felt compelled to discuss one of the absolute best caulking products in today’s market.

This time, we will cover the best house caulking and sealant that money can buy, not merely for house painting but for any application. Be mindful that ratings within this article are primarily based on durability – but fret not; we will also cover ease of use.  

In house painting, there is a lot to be desired for caulking. Most large paint manufacturers create cheap in-house versions purposely designed to fail over time to provoke future sales.

 So, given our understanding of these tactics, it’s no surprise that the best caulking products primarily derive from smaller companies such as OSI, which mainly produce caulking, sealants, and adhesives.

We will highlight the leading caulk and sealant brand that offers the best caulking money can buy! 

Quality Caulk Sales & Marketing

Caulking is a vital sealant whether you paint, install windows, or seal any interior or exterior surface. The strength of the sealant’s bond, flexibility, and durability will determine how long whatever you seal will hold up. 

If you are reading this article, chances are you are inclined to research before purchasing, and that’s great! If you can pair that desire with a general idea of sales and marketing tactics, that would be even better! Briefly, here is an example of what we mean!

For suppliers, future sales are just as important as current sales. So, when purchasing mass-produced products, especially those related to home maintenance, such as caulking, an element of planned obsolescence is involved. 

If you are a homeowner who has had a conversation with either a contractor or any home improvement personnel, you have likely already heard the proverbial saying, “it’s just something that needs to be maintained every few years”? 

The truth about caulking is there are caulking products and materials that last longer than others. But widely, premium caulking brands are rarely used by local painting contractors. Why is this so?

One of the leading reasons is the ease of use or lack thereof. Another factor is that conventional premium caulking is more toxic and increases human health risks involving contact with the skin or body.

We suggest wearing gloves during all caulking applications. Always follow the manufacturer’s complete safety recommendations before applying any sealant or caulking. Most existing caulking today deems some health risk, but solvent-based caulk can be riskier than its counterparts. 

Outside of painters’ preferences, the culprit for a quality caulk imbalance involves paint companies dominating the market and limiting the availability of premium caulking. 

Companies such as OSI provide premium caulking options and specialize in creating a variety of premium sealants. Most importantly, the paint or coating industry does not control or influence OSI.

OSI Premium Caulking & Sealant Performance

If you are a contractor, chances are, you have heard of Quad caulking. OSI, a company originating in the Midwest of the USA, continues to expand and influence sealant standards! 

OSI is dedicated to providing premium sealants that are durable and advantageous under the most severe conditions during application. 

We are astounded by OSI’s Quad Max in particular. Quad Max has similar adhesion properties found within construction adhesives, is paintable, and offers over 300 color selections! 

This premium caulking can be applied to wet surfaces, in below-freezing temperatures, underwater, and on surfaces over one hundred degrees without issue. 

Shortly after application, conventional caulking requires painting to prevent UV damage and mitigate mold growth. On the other hand, Quad Max is formulated to withstand all weather conditions without the need to paint or treat sealed areas.

OSI Premium Caulking & Sealant Advantages

For some, extreme adhesion is reason enough to distinguish and ultimately purchase Quad Max over other sealants. In our findings, the critical attributes of Quad Max are not limited to adhesion or impervious properties. Q Max offers an unmatched ability to remain durable, retaining both its strength and flexibility like no other sealant. 

Furthermore, we found OSI’s tinted caulking solutions to provide minimum discoloration and oxidation. Tinted sealants remain ductile and in-tack on projects where sealants were applied over 15 years ago. 

Sealant color options and nearly limitless application requirements are advantageous to siding contractors, especially for JameHardie ColorPlus installers. 

For painters, OSI caulking eliminates the need for pre-primed surfaces to promote adhesion before caulking. 

Window installers can use OSI sealant systems to seal, color match, and fill empty wall cavities that may exist around the window. 

OSI provides complete sealant systems for several trades. These premium products revolutionize how painters, trim carpenters, window & door installers, and builders utilize and approach modern household caulk applications and systems. 

Remaining highly versatile, OSI is the leading company – providing complete systems ranging from flashing taps, foam, construction adhesive, sealants, and more! Furthermore, OSI Quad Max adheres to several construction materials, including OBS, wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel, composites, and glass.

If you fall into either trade category previously mentioned, we highly recommend testing OSI products out for yourself.  

OSI Certified Installation Program

OSI also offers a certification program taking a stronghold in the window and door installation industry. This program is beneficial to both the installer and the client. 

When contractors are OSI certified, clients know their installer prioritizes premium quality and practices properly specified installations when using specified OSI tapes, flashing, foam, and sealants. 

When you hire an OSI-certified contractor, OSI also provides a 15-year fail-proof warranty that covers the materials and, in some cases, will receive a payment for potential damages. The warranty is provided for any manufacturer. 

The steps to the certification involve initial training that teaches installers proper installation steps. After this initial training, there is a 16-module training program. Once the training is completed, installers become certified. 

Further training includes versing installers on the anatomy of doors and windows. This additional training helps to understand where potential fail points are and assures these areas are correctly installed to alleviate future failures and leaks for years to come.

98% of window and door failures are due to improper installation. So, OSI’s certification program could be beneficial. For more details, please refer to OSI’s website. 

The Grand Finale

OSI makes quality caulking and sealants overall. For this reason, we recommend OSI for several applications. Maybe we will use OSI caulking on your next installation. 

Contact us for your free, no-obligation quote today! Feel free to mention this OSI article when we arrive! It would make our day!

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