Sherwin-Williams House Paint at Lowe’s

As painting contractors, we are frequently asked which paint manufacturers we use most. For several reasons, we prefer to use Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Sherwin-Williams as our primary interior and exterior house paints. However, now these products are also offered at Home Depot and/or Lowe’s!

Almost all paint companies have high and lower-quality products to level the playing field. But you don’t always get what you think you are paying for!

The Bigbox Store Issues

Big box brands notoriously offer poor-performing paints along with an expensive price tag.  When prices are compared to competitors, they don’t seem expensive. However, once consumers are educated on the presence of cheap resins and low pigment percentages by volume and weight, they often are convinced otherwise.

  • Stores don’t frequently or properly calibrate machines.
  • They also don’t typically offer professional assistance.
  • When faced with tech or a general question regarding the product, there is the notorious new guy.
  • Often, someone is present who is not assigned to that department working the paint counter.
  • They can hardly match paint correctly or recreate what you have already purchased.

Yes, there are slight variances even with the best suppliers. However, the variances happen much less frequently. We prefer brands such as Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Sherwin-Williams. When we purchase supplies they are from a dedicated paint store, not big box stores.

Why The Larger Brands?

Larger paint manufacturers generally have the capital to conduct extensive research, tests, and development of their products. House paint sold at home improvement stores loose a larger percentage of profit to compensate the retailer. Thus, Home Depot retains a large percentage of the sales price.

On the other hand, paint manufacturers are not faced with the overhead of having to sustain a brick-and-mortar building or heavily market their product. Yet, most paint makers are more concerned with profit margins than offering quality interior or exterior house paint. A great example is the paint giant Glidden.

Glidden Paints

Did you know that Glidden has a national and global brand? We find the global brand slightly better than what’s sold in local retailers. However, in recent years, another paint giant, PPG, has acquired the local Glidden brand. It gets confusing, I know! However, we are not sure how/ if these changes in ownership will affect the overall performance of the paints produced.

Research and development help improve paint performance. Outside of performance, RD also offers the means of manufacturing sustainable interior and exterior paints.

At ATOC, we like to support the small guys at Benjamin Moore. They offer a wide range of quality residential products, conduct detailed RD, and seem to be doing the right thing simply. Even the larger Sherwin-Williams have come on board, introducing their more sustainable Emerald line of paint. So, when we are asked why we use these manufacturers, we say…why use anything else?

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