SW Agreeable Gray: The Most Popular Paint Color

Is it time to consider one of the most popular neutral paint colors provided by Sherwin-Williams? There are few neutrals as versatile as Agreeable Gray! With universal appeal, you can use this color choice just about anywhere. 

Sherwin-Williams offers a wide range of colors that continue to expand. Whether you’re looking for a well-balanced color for the exterior of your house or trying to brighten up an interior room containing little natural light, Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray could be the perfect color choice!

Let’s explore the characteristics of this top-selling greige and see which colors, areas, and layouts work best.

Choosing A Paint Color

Deciding on a paint scheme for your home can be confusing, often leaving you flustered. With so many color choices out there, where do you start?


Start by looking at colors you like – paint colors that inspire and bring you joy! Even if you are not considering those exact colors, viewing your favorite colors initiates comparing and eliminating color options.

The process of elimination is a vital part of choosing paint colors. Furthermore, consider your lighting when comparing colors and how well the color will complement the home’s decor and transition into other rooms. Does a warm or cool color fit and complement best? 

You will find this article beneficial if you have a handful of color swatches. You are getting our first-hand experience with Agreeable Gray and the recommendations we often provide for our clients. 

An Introduction to Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray is a prevalent color from Sherwin Williams and continues to be a real hit! This natural paint color is best placed in common areas such as kitchens, stairwells, hallways, and bathrooms for interior painting. But it is so unique that it can also be used in a master or guest bedroom.

This well-balanced neutral greige offers warm and cool undertones, making it a versatile option for interior and exterior paints. Agreeable Gray is versatile enough to achieve various looks and reveals if you are looking for a color that can complement and contrast a bright or vivid color. 

As a surprise to most, this modern style gray pairs well with other neutral colors within sufficient lighting. Intense sunlight or indoor illumination reveals Agreeable Gray’s true undertones and shades. So, when deciding, you’ll want to pay close attention to the time of day. But its true power lies in its subtlety.


The True Undertones of Agreeable Gray

If you wonder how balanced Agreeable Gray is, it’s a true neutral through and through! 

Agreeable Gray has taupe’s timeless undertones, giving it a unique sense of warmth. A drop of violet lends a slightly cool undertone, making it pop underneath cooler lighting situations. 

Both warm and cool trim colors also pair well with Agreeable Gray. You can apply Agreeable Gray to the trim for a unique look, such as baseboards, doors, and crown molding, and paint the interior walls a lighter off-white for contrast.

Nothing makes a warm color pop more than a complementary or contrasting tone. Agreeable Gray offers the flexibility to choose warm or cool tones to contrast in various ways. Although, we do not recommend the popular monochromatic look when considering this color or any medium-based neutrals.

If Agreeable Gray is a serious consideration, it’s best to compare it to additional colors that you are considering for other areas. Next, consider the placement of the additional colors and how they accentuate other rooms and decor. 

As professionals with experience and trained eyes, we have a few combinations to consider that you may enjoy!

Best Colors to Pair with Agreeable Gray

Yes, Agreeable Gray offers remarkable versatility. But when paired with other neutrals, the perceived undertones of Agreeable Gray are often lost. 

As conflicting as it may sound, we have found that both bold and bright colors pair well with this neutral gem. 

Here is a list of top-performing colors in order of popularity. 

Off-White Color Options:

Medium Color Options:

  • SW6204 Sea Salt (medium)
  • SW6222 River Wood (meduim deep)
  • SW7621 Silver Mist (medium)

Ultra Deep Color Options:

  • SW2838 Polished Mahagony
  • SW7620 Seaworthy

If you want to bring out the deeper side, Polished Mahagony is a rich color that is natural and elegant. If you want the area to feel more open and airy, Sea Salt is a fantastic color to consider! We have also reviewed Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt. So, if that’s a color you are considering, you may also want to check that out!

Buying paint samples and painting large poster boards is a great way to see colors in different settings without painting and disfiguring every wall in your house. 

If you compare colors outdoors, only paint areas clean and free of mold and mildew. We recommend the house be pressure washed before sampling paint to avoid trapping unwanted growth behind the paint film.

Technical Specs & Placement

This greige has a light reflection value of 60. Color light reflections range from 1 – 100, 100 being the lightest. So, technically agreeable gray is on the lighter side. However, it’s not seen as a light color, especially within poorly lit rooms. Instead, agreeable gray has medium color intensity and will appear somewhat lighter in better lighting. 

Let’s say you have a bathroom or a basement with no natural lighting equipped with fluorescent bulbs. This environment will make Agreeable Gray emanate cool, and the violet undertones will subtly glow. However, if you have warmer lighting from incandescent light bulbs, its warm, earthy tone will shine. Furthermore, contrasting wall or trim colors evoke a cooler glow or a warmer shine. 

Directional Painting With Intent

Northern light carries with it a cooler blueish tone. As a result, the cooler undertones of Agreeable Gray will accent warmer colors when placed in a North-facing room. If you want the warmer tones in Agreeable gray to stand out more, consider featuring it in rooms with Southern exposure. Rooms with a lot of Southern light will feel warmer all day and will bring out the taupe hints over the violet, revealing the warmth of Agreeable Gray.

Likewise, eastern light is cooler in the morning and warmer later in the day. The opposite goes for Western exposure. Do you prefer warmer light and warmer tones? 

Let’s say you use your dining room in the evening, and it has Eastern light – then Agreeable Gray is perfect! Does your breakfast nook have Western exposure, showering it with warm morning light? Agreeable Gray works excellent there as well!

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray & Its Popularity

Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) is the top-rated, best-selling color Sherwin Williams offers. In fact, it is their #1 top-selling color on the list of their 50 most popular color choices! 

That’s quite a testament! 


Unsurprisingly, our trained professionals often have this paint choice in hand. It’s a favorite far and wide, from room to house siding. 

One of the reasons Agreeable Gray is popular is because the paint color lives up to its name. This modern gray does not create interior or exterior decor objections; it simply agrees with almost anything you place it near. 

This color is also recommended on platforms such as HDTV and by other famous TV designers. But don’t let popularity steer you; make sure it works and puts a smile on your face. As we all know, no matter how popular, it will not feel rewarding if you don’t love the color.


It’s popular, versatile, neutral, modern, and everything in between. So, yes, it’s highly recommended. If this color is right for your home, we recommend it in a satin finish. Sherwin-Williams Duration Home is an exceptional interior paint for wall painting. 

For exterior use, try Sherwin-Williams’ new Latitude line, which is also in a satin finish. This color and product combination looks outstanding on textured wood siding!

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