Repose Gray: Modern, Cool & Warm?

When making a paint change or upgrade, you must check several boxes to ensure you choose the most effective paint color. Meeting all criteria is no easy feat. Thankfully, Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray strikes a balance that most will love! Repose Gray should be on your list if you want a paint color that provokes tranquility while providing a modern and subtle warmth. 

Popular home design constantly changes, and only a handful of paint colors stand the test of time. When comparing some of the most popular modern paint colors for interior and exterior painting, the differences among colors are sometimes noticeable yet subtle. 

When coordinating various colors and design cues, your options are limited yet impactful. We reveal hues and tones while illustrating a few example colors that pair well with Repose Gray!

Why Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is Popular

Repose Gray is exceedingly popular thanks to the elegance of its undertones, being well suited for any environment, and how well it compliments other colors! 


Its universal appeal has landed this color a top spot among consumers. Its mood-enhancing, modern, and vibrant warmth makes it an excellent interior and exterior house painting option.

Repose Gray, a top 5 paint color, is quite a testament even to the growing popularity of vibrant white colors. This modern and sophisticated color’s universal appeal is why it applies to many homes today. We also find Repose Gray to pair well with warm and cool white hues. 

For compelling reasons, modern neutral colors are winners, but does that mean it’s the right color for you? When selecting colors that will cover a large area, it’s essential to know the light reflection values, undertones, accurate hues, and how the color is perceived by others. 

Light reflection values can be obtained from Sherwin-Williams‘ website and paper color samples. In our experience, viewing the paint formula is the best way to evaluate hues and undertones. For example, seeing red in the formula increases the chance of the color having red undertones. Let’s see how Repose Gray may appear. 

Repose Gray Appearance & Undertones

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is considered a modern cool cooler. But with its unobtrusive, soothing, and subtle warmth, Repose Gray compliments a broader range of colors than other cool variations. 


Repose Gray is not a boldly stated color; that’s part of what makes it neutral. Blue is perceived as a cool color. Although, since blue is not boldly stated in Repose Gray, it doesn’t clash with warmer design cues, making it the best cool neutral backdrop for living rooms and additional large open spaces. 

A small drop of raw umber, new red, and plenty of black in its formula adds depth that emanates under most lighting. But don’t worry, Repose Gray won’t appear red. 

Instead, a hint of blue, gray, and violet offers a balanced, cool undertone evoked under intense natural lighting and more pronounced in fluorescent light. Its subtleties are only further accentuated by the paint and finish you choose.

Satin paint finishes will appear richer than flat finishes. It’s also worth noting that satin finishes will be more durable. Although, the color consistently lends an air of sophistication to your home with either finish.

The Best Colors to Pair with Repose Gray

When considering Repose Gray to paint the interior of your home, there are a few impactful ways of coordinating to brainstorm beforehand. These considerations cannot be overlooked. So, let’s make sure we are placing heavy emphasis on places where it counts!

  • What color is the existing furniture, and how does the combination of wall color and decor make the room feel?
  • What color are your carpet or hardwood floors?
  • Are your kitchen or bathroom fixtures chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, or brushed nickel?

These are all important considerations when composing your home’s palette and whether you want your warmer or cooler undertones to shine.


While Repose gray may not be boldly stated, it has its identity. Also known as Greige, Repose Gray does not compliment the gray/ brown family of colors when placed directly beside them. However, we don’t see this limitation as an issue. Instead, this characteristic is part of what makes it unique. And there are several other Sherwin-Williams Colors that pair excellently. 

If you are looking for an open, modern, gallery kind of feel, we recommend using Repose Gray as an accent and keeping the remaining areas light and bright, containing your ideal shade of white. Monochromatic walls and trim add a unique, uniform, and clean touch. 

Repose Gray works excellently with warm and cool white colors, meeting a wide range of aesthetic designs. Some of the most commonly used shades of white combined with Repose Gray are Sherwin Williams Extra White, Alabaster, and Ice Cube. This color combination is also an outstanding choice for kitchen cabinets. 

Suppose you prefer a darker accent or a lighter shade of white. In that case, we highly recommend picking up paint examples and placing them in the space for examination, comparing how natural lighting influences the colors throughout the day. 

SW7006 Extra White

SW7008 Alabaster White

SW6252 Ice Cube

Exterior, Interior, Rooms & Placement

Repose Gray is a tried-and-true modern neutral paint color ideal for outdoor usage! Paint this color on outdoor ceilings, siding, and more! Be mindful that Repose Gray appears much lighter and brighter outdoors. So, you may want to consider its darker sibling, SW7016 Mindful Gray, when painting outdoor surfaces exposed to direct natural light. 

Repose gray is also perfect for a young kids’ bedroom, playroom, or nursery room color. It will complement all the fun colors and toys of a boy’s or girl’s room. We often recommend Repose Gray for such areas, knowing both the kids and parents will be happy!


With a light reflective value of 58 and the versatility to complement warm and cool color choices, it’s as well-rounded an option as possible!

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