6 Ways: Preserving & Maintaining Exterior Paint Conditions

Your home means a lot to you and is one of your most valuable assets. You probably want to keep it looking fresh and beautiful. Over time, your home will endure a lot of weathering from sunlight, wind, and moisture.

Your home is your protection from the elements. If there is a problem, you and your wallet suffer the consequences. It’s essential to review the condition of your home once a year and look for any damaged areas that may need to be repaired to save your home from any long-term damage. Keeping your home well-maintained is an easy way to get the most value out of your exterior paint and preserve the structural integrity of your house.

1) Maintaining Landscaping

You can extend the life of your home’s exterior paint job by creating a landscape barrier in front of your house to block and divert rainfall. Frequent bush trimming and keeping bushes away from the home keep surfaces drier. Inspect vines and branches regularly to trim any parts of the plants that are getting too close to the walls of your home.


2) Routine Gutters Clean

Eliminate any debris that collects on your roof and install gutter guards to prevent your gutters from overflowing, causing fascia board damage and wet solid around the foundation. A poor gutter gutter system or clogged gutters can send debris down the walls of your home, causing structural damage. Excess water splashing back onto the house can cause rot and paint failures.

3) Routine Pressure Washing

Over time, surface contaminants from plants, animals, and weather will inevitably build up on the exterior surfaces of your home. If foreign materials are left on paint finishes, it can cause discoloration and premature degradation. A simple annual pressure wash will remove unwanted materials and organic growth that accelerate exterior paint failure.

Pressure-Washing-Services-Raleigh NC

Power washing with dedicated cleaners that restore the paint on the exterior of your home is a crucial part of increasing the longevity of the paint.

4) Identify Cracks & Damages

Cracks and peeling paint will cause further damage. When exterior paint starts to break down, it offers little protection. Therefore, detecting damages and failures early is vital to reduce further repairs. Additionally, waiting too long will require more time and money to restore surfaces.

While monitoring the exterior paint condition may be tedious, it will give you a better understanding and the ability to identify the signs when it is time to paint.

5) Repainting & Maintenance

Once you have identified paint failure or its potential, it is time to address the areas according to what is needed.

  1. When the paint is peeling scrap, prime and repaint it.
  2. Cut out the old caulk and reseal the crack if the caulk is cracking.
  3. When raised nail heads are showing, countersink the nail and use painter’s putty to seal it.

Note: Ensure all surfaces are clean and free from organic growth before all applications.

6) Paint Materials & Colors

Since some colors are more subject to paint fade, it is vital to know some colors will be challenging to preserve when exposed to weather conditions and UV.

Premium exterior paint will last longer than lower-priced paint.

Use the best exterior caulk to seal cracks and expansion joints for longer.

Paint colors will also impact longevity and how paint touches up. Minor exterior paint touch-ups before your next repaint will help the paint job last longer and lower future costs.

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