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Replacement siding is an impactful investment, fortifying the future of your home by resisting moisture, bugs, other intrusive elements, and contaminants. It may be time to consider a siding replacement if you are experiencing various water damage, siding decay, or degradation. Additionally, comprehensive siding installation using quality underlayment will drastically improve energy efficiency.

We are passionate about product knowledge and sharing it. As a licensed siding company in Raleigh, NC, we’re committed to matching homeowners with replacement siding options that are long-lasting, durable, and meet the most demanding requirements.

We understand that vinyl siding installations have no “one size fits all” option. PlyGem’s Mastic siding also acknowledges the need for variety, offering various siding solutions. That is why we are featuring this product.

Let’s explore the world of PlyGem and all the benefits and products offered. 


PlyGem’s History

In New York, during WWII, three brothers brainstormed a business idea to buy plywood crates that cost 25 cents. The crates stored airplane parts and were torn apart and resold for profit. Bernard Hewitt’s concept worked and initiated the future of PlyGem. 

Their earnings eventually allowed them to enter the plywood manufacturing business, which soared in the 1950s and 1960s due to postwar building booms. Over the years, the company expanded into wood paneling products. After getting Wall Street investors in the 1980s, PlyGem began acquiring other building supply companies.

In 2019, PlyGem merged with Cornerstone Building Brands to become the U.S.’s leading manufacturer of exterior building materials, including siding replacement materials. 

The company provides builders, remodelers, siding companies, and architects with an extensive range of trusted building products, including PlyGem Home Siding, American Craftsman Windows & Doors, and Silver Line Windows & Doors. 

Why Replacing Home Siding is Important

Some homeowners wait or turn a blind eye to the aging siding indicator. However, taking notice of siding failures and replacing them before structural damages occur is wiser.

 If the siding is damaged or not properly sealed, your home value could be reduced. Over time, additional costs can add up, which aren’t always immediately apparent. Energy bills can soar from siding that isn’t insulating a home well, and mold and mildew damage can sneak up unsuspectingly.

A siding replacement project is an investment, but it’s a small price to preserve a home for a lifetime. 

What is Mastic Siding?

Mastic Siding is a unique product line that blends durability with curb appeal. It’s like a facelift for a home, transforming even older structures into houses that look brand new. However, that’s just an added perk to this siding replacement, as its primary selling point is its high-power insulation properties and durability in extreme weather. 

Mastic Siding is PlyGem’s most popular choice for siding among homeowners, builders, and remodelers. Mastic siding can handle everything from high heat and extreme sun to pounding hail and hurricane-force winds, and it’s covered with a V.I.P. limited lifetime warranty. 

Mastic vinyl, aluminum, and steel siding options will fit any home’s needs. Homeowners also choose Mastic siding because it’s low maintenance once installed, and frequent painting, among other exterior routine services, is no longer needed. 

Mastic Lap Siding Options

Mastic lap siding is Plygem’s best offering for a more traditional home exterior appearance. This style incorporates long, flat boards that overlap, allowing water to cascade evenly down exterior walls, keeping the inside of your home dry. However, there are several lap siding profile options, each with a slightly different overall appearance.


Carvedwood-44: Popular for remodeling projects, this style comes in 10 rich color shades and can withstand winds up to 178 mph. 

 Mill Creek: This style features a textured, wood-like, durable, and solid finish.

 Structure Home Insulation System: This system includes vinyl technology and high-performance foam to lower energy bills and reduce exterior noise.

Quest: This vinyl siding contains “tornado-tough technology” built to withstand winds up to 190 mph. A double-thick nail hem prevents the siding from flailing in high winds. 

Ovation: Designers appreciate the wide range of colors and styles in this line of vinyl siding. It has an affordable price point and a long-lasting exterior finish against fierce 195 mph winds.

Eclipse: A budget-friendly, durable vinyl siding that looks like painted wood.

Envoy: This aluminum siding is eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, and built to withstand harsh weather. 

Western Extreme: This vinyl siding was designed for the Western states to resist infrared light, low humidity, and brisk temperature changes. 

Charleston Beaded: This low-maintenance vinyl siding features technology that makes the panels more resistant to cracking, creating a finished appearance that fits with the natural elegance of Southern-style homes.

Endurance: High-performance aluminum siding with a long-wearing finish that is 100% recyclable. 

With seemingly endless colors and styles, a lap siding replacement option is available for practically all home siding projects. 

Mastic Board & Batten Siding

If you’re ready to make a bold statement, you may want to consider vertical siding. It’s a trendy choice for people who want their homes to stand out. 

Due to its popularity, vertical siding seems synonymous with board and batten. Various modern board and batten designs are installed on entire exterior walls. Full exterior board and batten layouts and styles have become notably more common. There’s also added functionality to board and batten siding, often requiring less cleaning. Board and batten siding replacement also provide a more airtight wall cavity. 

While full coverage board and batten siding are trendy and add a unique flare, you don’t have to install or replace entire exterior wall spaces. The most popular layouts only use board and batten designs to accent areas such as dormers, gables, and entryways. 

PlyGem’s Board and Batten Designer Series comes in four different shades and features the durability that has made the company a leader in the home siding industry, with durable and thick vinyl siding closely resembling natural wood grain. 

Mastic Shake Siding

Siding contractors have used Shake and Shingle siding techniques for hundreds of years, and the classic design remains a popular choice for bungalows and cabins. It’s also become a popular accent feature on more expansive properties. 

It’s possible to update your home while preserving the coziness of a cottage or colonial-style home. 

Mastic Cedar Discovery siding looks like natural cedar shake and shingle siding, but this vinyl material is much more durable and can withstand winds up to 180 mph. Unlike natural wood, it is recyclable and doesn’t require painting or staining. It’s a way to enjoy classic, old-school design features while enjoying the latest exterior home protection technology. 

Material Options

A home’s location and your personal design choices will significantly determine what kind of Mastic siding is best for you. There are three different choices to consider: 

Vinyl Siding

Many people consider quality vinyl siding the longest-lasting option on the market today. It’s durable, nearly maintenance-free, and comes in various colors and style options. High-quality vinyl siding will not oxidize or fade as quickly as cheaper counterparts. Once installed, you can potentially enjoy the result for the lifetime of the home.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding can effectively insulate a home, lowering energy bills, and it won’t swell, rot, rust, oxidize, or melt. 

Steel Siding

PlyGem’s steel siding has a 50-year warranty and repels fire, fading moisture, and insects. It’s the most durable siding replacement option if you don’t live in a coastal area near saltwater. 

Trim, Soffit, & Shutter Options

Trim, soffits, and fascia are critical components of a home’s exterior facade. Trim and siding interphases work together, improving the ability to provide a proper seal and keeping moist air out. There’s a variety of options PlyGem has that will meet most needs.

Ply Gem Mastic Soffits 

  • Universal: A budget-friendly versatile soffit that increases airflow.
  • Pro-Tech Plus: A flexible soffit that works well on a porch ceiling or carport. 
  • Pro-Select: The thickest and strongest soffit, created for long spans. 
  • Pro-Bead Classic Beaded: A soffit designed to complement Southern-style homes with wide panels and deep, sculpted bead accents. 
  • Ventura Hidden Vent: A hidden vent system that keeps homes cooler in the summer and resists mold and mildew damage.

PlyGem Mastic Fascia

PlyGem’s Aluminum Fascia helps prevent moisture from accumulating on the roof and keeps water moving away from the house. It features a topcoat that protects against damage and a limited lifetime warranty. 

The Envoy + Endurance Fascia is also aluminum and built to last. This style comes in smooth, ribbed, hemmed, and woodgrain finishes that give an extra pop to the overall appearance of your home. 

Ply Gem Trim Options

Trim pulls the overall design of a home together, adding focal points, character, depth, contrast, and texture. Trim also helps to transition between seams and breaks. 

Ply Gem has a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from corner boards to much more. PlyGem trim pieces are also vinyl so that they won’t absorb moisture. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about rot or decay.

Don’t Forget The Shutters

You may consider adding shutters to your property to continue reaping the benefits of a well-designed home exterior. Along with siding replacement, shutters can provide visual and functioning exterior improvements. 

First, shutters are major focal points, especially in the front of homes. Secondly, not having to worry about rotting wooden shutters also has advantages. 


Traditionally, functional shutters block out the light that enters through windows and protect a home’s interior in harsh weather. Of course, they’re also helpful for privacy.

Many siding replacement companies overlook shutter replacement options, but shutters can be an essential piece of the puzzle.

PlyGem is a one-stop shop for all of your home exterior needs. They offer a wide variety of shutter styles that maintain the wood grain appearance with the durability of modern technology. 

  • Board and Batten: You can order this rustic, countryside, and charming style to fit almost any window. 
  • Louvered: This design features horizontal slats that allow light and little airflow. 
  • Raised Panel: Shutters are built to withstand storms and keep the sun out; you can customize this style to fit accent circle top windows. 

Vinyl Siding Improvements in the Future

Innovation never stops in the siding replacement industry. Companies will continue researching and experimenting with different chemical compositions for the most durable and long-lasting exterior home protection. 

Vinyl siding is growing in popularity, as it’s often less expensive and faster to install than other siding variants. This article was written to showcase PlyGem as a true leader in the vinyl siding industry; if vinyl siding is what you are looking piques your interest. 

However, vinyl siding has its drawbacks. Also, this featured product is relatively new, and there isn’t a lot of proven data to testify to how many decades it will hold up, slightly skewing how cost-effective it is.

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, the people who select vinyl as their siding choice are allocating the time saved with a low-maintenance home exterior.

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