Comparing A Licensed Contractor to A Painter

Most painting contractors want nothing to do with additional major services and such as siding replacement. But why is this especially true for Raleigh Painters?

Hiring one company for everything is convenient, hassle-free, and offers a seamless experience. But most house painters are qualified for nothing more than painting and minor repairs.

So, what keeps Raleigh painters limited to painting services? Here is the truth about how contracting works in NC!

Painters & Licensed Contractor Comparison

North Carolina doesn’t require painters to be GC’s. Therefore, most painting companies don’t carry a license, limiting the ability to offer extensive home repair services.

Okay, so let’s not demonize painters; after all, we are Raleigh house painters ourselves. GC’s have a share in this dilemma as well, which we are as well.

Most contractors are chasing large builds and see the home service business as less of a business opportunity! Simply put, obtaining a license takes time and money, and most who have one are going for the big bucks.

We see an opportunity to better serve clients by being both a GC and offering Raleigh painting. Here are a few reasons you should hire a licensed contractor.

Project Quality, Confidence, & Ease

Possibly the most enticing is that professionals are taking responsibility for all aspects of a project, from designing to sub-contracting when needed—submitting permits and mandatory inspections by relevant government departments where applicable. Hiring a licensed professional will boost quality, efficiency, and performance- taking your project to an entirely higher level.


But a company considering the overall client experience should offer services that directly relate to one another—under one contract and covered within a single warranty.

For example, we offer exterior house painting. Most homes require repairs or complete replacements before the painting application. Therefore, we have a team of dedicated carpenters, not painters with hammers, and we offer full home siding and gutter installations.

Having dedicated professionals is a significant advantage for our clients and us.

Raleigh Contractor Hiring Tips & Challenges

The aspect of proper hiring is significant and carries more meaning than the title suggests. You assume a considerable risk when an unlicensed contractor performs work that requires a license or permit. Know what your project requirements are prior to hiring.

Safety is an additional factor. Taking proper safety measures offers a clean environment and increases the security of the client and workers. A company with a client’s best interest in mind should be equally attentive to abiding by whatever needs to guarantee your comfort.

For us, safety is especially important for sizeable interior painting projects. We offer options to guarantee customer safety. Sometimes it’s painting specific areas first.

When a client is at high risk of Covid-19, we recommend vacating the home, and we will coordinate a full cleaning service after completion-making sure the house gets thoroughly cleaned, allowing for a safe return.

Our professionals will always monitor health and safety measures at the site, giving you an extra sense of security and keeping workers in a conducive environment. These are the benefits of having professionals, saving time, and improvisation to keep the site in motion.

Certified & Guaranteed Raleigh Painters & Replacement Services

A Touch of Color of Raleigh, NC, delivers interior/ exterior painters and home replacement services in a manner that typical painting companies cannot.

Did you know that North Carolina Requires a license if your project is over $30,000? Additionally, adding square footage or replacing weight structurally barring materials requires a permit.

Don’t deal with the hassle of hiring multiple companies! We are exterior & interior painting specialists with no limitations. Our in-home repairs and home replacement services are also certified. If you live in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Chapel Hill, or Durham, let’s get started!

Call or contact us for your next project!

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