Top 10 Nursery & Kids Room Paint Colors

Let’s explore the interior kid’s room paint colors. One of the most exciting rooms to consider colors for is a nursery. If you’re a parent who’s expecting a child soon, you need to start thinking about the things you need once the little one arrives way in advance.

One of those things that you need to start considering is the interior wall color. Interior wall colors influence people’s moods. Getting the wrong color could make your child feel nauseous or uncomfortable. Did you know that studies say that the wrong shade of color can make infants sad and uninterested in eating?

We are professional interior house painters. If you’re having trouble gathering nursery room color ideas, we’ve got a list here for you. It will help you better understand how color can influence an interior living space.

Take note that you also need to follow the best painting practices to do it right. For example, you need to use a lot of paint with quality paint brushes for a good paint job. The weather can affect its success, too.


Color Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

1) Mint Green

Many people think that pastel colors are only suitable for girls. But the truth is that mint green, like SW Seasalt, is a popular bedroom color that soothes your child with its softness. It’s nature-inspired, making it a great neutral color that suits any type of nursery room.

Pair it with strong color accents to make it more masculine. Yellow, black, or navy colors work well with it, for example. You can also pair it with rustic textures to emphasize its masculinity.

2) Navy and Yellow

The sun’s yellow color is one of the most classic choices for interior painting and one of the most classic choices for gender-neutral nurseries. Pairing it with a richer shade of navy blue makes it more macho. The dramatic wall and ceiling give off a bold, brash feeling that fits your little boy.


You might want to add some white walls and furnishings to balance it out. That makes it more preppy and clean-looking.

3) Gray and Aqua

A lot of people don’t usually pair gray and aqua for any room ideas. Most simply choose a variation of gray with an off-white. But it’s a nice deviation from the standard since it gives off a cool vibe, like white and gray colors. This color scheme can make your baby’s room look more appealing in a contemporary way.

If you want to emphasize its modern feel, you can use bright and trendy colors to pair with it. It’s gender-neutral, so you can start preparing it even before you find out your baby’s gender.

4) Aqua and Coral

This is a great color combination if you want to make a clear statement. Coral is most commonly paired with traditional neutral bases like gray, but replacing it with aqua can result in a magnificent scheme that can calm your little one.


The aqua-coral combination is sweet and serene. Pair it with any warm accent colors like red, orange, and yellow, and you’ll have a cozy room for your kid.

5) Warm Gray and White

This color scheme is one of the most classic choices for gender-neutral bedrooms. The room’s walls and ceiling can be painted a medium, light, or warm gray. White wicker furniture can accent the room.


If you’re artistic and would like a challenge, you can paint a simple mural on the wall. A white silhouette painting can make the otherwise neutral room more exciting. You can add animal silhouettes like cartoon elephants or squirrels and help your child learn as they grow.

6) Pink and Gray

Unexpected shades like gray combined with the pastel color pink give your girls’ bedroom color a more contemporary feel. This color scheme works best with wood flooring and furniture made with this material. It’s simple, but it will make you feel like your child will grow up in the modern era.


7) Lime Green and Pink

Do you want your child to experience color creativity as they grow? This color scheme is hip and trendy, making it one of the top picks for girls’ bedroom colors this year and beyond. Give it a more accented look with pink polka dot curtains coupled with a lime green carpet.

Combining these elements together can give it a cozy look while staying fresh and modern.

8) Light Avocado with Cream and Brown

Another growing trend among baby nurseries is the use of earthy colors. This combination helps calm and relax both you and your baby. Avocado green paired with yellow helps make the room look warmer and triggers the relaxation centers in your brain.

If you want to make the colors fit your child more, use a lighter avocado shade. It works well, no matter what gender your little one is. Consider using brownish wood flooring along with avocado rugs and a dark brown crib to complete the theme.

9) Pink with Cornflower and White

If you use this color combination, traditional pink baby girls’ nurseries become more assertive. The white helps balance the pink and blue to ensure the contrast isn’t too shocking to the eyes. Also, cornflower blue looks more muted as a shade.


With this color combination, the room looks chicer. The cornflower blue works best on the walls and carpets. Your furniture should be pink, while the white accents bridge the disconnect between the two colors.

10) Black and White

This is the most basic yet boldest color pattern you can use. It works well whether your little one is a boy or a girl. It’s modern and cool, and you can use different color accents to fit your baby’s personality.

Remember, any color can fit with black and white if you do the patterns correctly.

Learn Kid’s Room Color Ideas Today!

Color plays a big role in helping your children grow. Bedroom colors will determine whether they get the right room atmosphere for resting and playing. It’s their safe space, and the feeling of security starts with the colors you choose.

If you’re not sure what to do, follow these kids’ room color ideas. It can help you decide what fits your tastes without compromising your toddlers.

Contact us for your next nursery painting project.

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