Rustoleum Exterior Oil House Paint Performance

Are you considering exterior oil house paints for your next painting project? Maybe you want to paint the front handrails? Or, I could be painting on other metal surfaces.

Let’s paint those metal surfaces with a well-known and trusted brand! You may be surprised to hear that Rustoleum is one of the better-performing exterior oil paints.

Most impressively, the product won’t break the bank! We most commonly use this exterior house paint on mailboxes, wrought iron, and metal doors.

We don’t suggest using oil for exterior house painting on surfaces other than metal, but why is this product so great for metal surfaces?


The major advantage that Rustoleum has over other exterior oil paints is its additives. To be more direct, rust inhibitors! Rustoleum has rust inhibitors that slow the oxidation of metal, which is what causes rust. In turn, this will help preserve and prevent the topcoat from peeling.

Most exterior paints are made of soya oil, linseed oil, or alkyds, all of which are mildew-attracting raw materials. Where there are signs of mildew or mold, moisture is usually involved.

Yes, oil-based paints are less permeable than most acrylic-based products. But this does mean that oil-based paints are not permeable at all. When the water vapor passes through the paint film, it inevitably makes contact with the metal.

For this reason, we feel that rust inhibitors are essential to quality exterior oil house paint.

Simply put, there is no pretense regarding the performance of this paint. Rustoleum is a product that lives up to its name, and that is rare!

Contact us today for your next application for Rust-oleum paint!

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