BM Regal Select Exterior: Our Experience & Your Benefits

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior provides distinct exterior painting solutions to meet the needs of newer and older homes. Regal High Build is Ben Moore’s thickest exterior house paint in the Regal line, and Regal MoorGard, an oil hybrid, can be applied to multiple surface types. These characteristics allow painters to paint over many wood, metal, PVC, or textured surfaces.

Two coats of Regal Exterior provide a premium exterior paint finish that will last 8-10 years on a properly prepped surface.

MooreGard & Regal Exterior Merge

Regal’s merging product lines with MoorGard in 2018 made branding a bit confusing. However, BM wisely retained the qualities of the Moorgard line. The added application flexibility and thick coating make the Regal Exterior line the most versatile and consolidated exterior paint. Despite having similar labeling, the two products differ in two significant ways. 

First, Regal Select Exterior Moor branded paints are formulated with oil and apply thinner. The emulsified alkyd resin is mixed with an advanced 100% acrylic resin, promoting adhesion and flexibility. Regal Select High Build is 100% acrylic, providing a class-leading 20 mil wet paint finish, and is considered a paint coating.

Advantages of Regal Select MoorLife, MoorGard, & MoorGloow

Regal Moor paints will adhere to dull and oxidated surfaces better than conventional house paints. It is also the best exterior paint for older homes when painting over surfaces that may contain several paint types, including oil and latex. When you need an exterior paint that will stick to multiple kinds of paint, the “Moor” line ensures the best adhesion over all substrates.


Not only will “Moor” paint stick to chalky surfaces, but it also has the best resistance to long-term paint oxidation. We have used it on several homes in the historic parts of downtown Raleigh, and after over ten years, the paint retains its sheen and has yet to oxidize.

Disadvantages of Regal Exterior MoorGard & MoorGlow

The only issue we find with the Regal Exterior is the MoorLife formulation. MoorLife represents a flat exterior finish, which we find the most difficult to brush. However, it has improved since 2018, and flat exterior paint finishes tend to drag and are naturally more challenging to spread.

We don’t recommend painting the oil hybrid version of BM Regal over soft vinyl exterior paints, which is the only limitation of its use. Moorgard and MoorGlow represent a satin-like and semi-gloss finish, which becomes brittle after 9-12 years.  

Exterior alkyd paints are also more prone to harvesting organic growth, such as mold and mildew, which is also more prone after years 9-12. However, proper cleaning and maintenance will effectively resolve any issues.

Regal Select High Build Pros & Cons

Regal Select Exterior has more pros than cons. Since each list is relatively long, we have broken the pros and cons into bullet points.


  • Thick 20 Mil Wet Coating
  • Bridges Hairline Cracks
  • Sealing Textured Surfaces
  • Improved Low-Temperature Performance (35 degrees)
  • Seals Surfaces Containing Minor Wood Cracks
  • Best In Class Brushing Wood Siding & Plywood
  • Flexible/ Thick Coating
  • Easy to Spray (Less Overspray)
  • Nearly No Brush Marks When Brushing Siding
  • Exceptional Trim Paint Coverage


  • Slow Dry Time
  • Bubbling After Exposure to Moisture Within 24 hrs.
  • Suffers From Surfactant Leaching With Dark Colors
  • Requires Technique and Painting Experience
  • Hard to Remove from Tools and Brushes

Regal Select High Build Best Use Cases

Regal Select is the only paint with a thick finish and doesn’t show brush marks, making it the best paint for covering damaged trim and siding. 

Natural cracks in plywood are eliminated. Damaged wood siding can be hand brushed and sealed for long-term protection, enabling you to salvage your existing siding for longer. Delaminating Masonite siding can be hand brushed in satin finishes, sealing the delaminating edges and prolonging the life of the siding. 

For older homes with severely blistering paint, once scraped to the best of its ability, Regal High build is the best for sealing and creating a thick, consistent coat of protection. 

Coverage & Protection

The merge with “Moor” and Regal High Build delivers the most dynamic exterior paint regarding coating and protection. “Regal is like putting a thick blanket of protection over your home.”  

The paint coverage in light colors is comparable to Aura Exterior, and most painters will find brushing in most colors to cover in two coats or less.

Final Verdict


Regal Select Exterior allows the combination of brushing ticker paint and spraying Paint. Spraying paint is ideal for painters who want to apply thick coats without worrying about paint sags or a heavy texture. Compared to other major paint brands, it’s the best thick paint coat and will last long under numerous weather conditions. 

Contact us for service in Raleigh or the Triangle area, and be sure to read our other Benjamin Moore Exterior paint reviews.

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