How Benjamin Moore Paints Improve Results

Professionals in the paint industry often refer to Benjamin Moore as the “mom and pop” brand among other paint brands. We would have to agree Benjamin Moore stores have an undeniable mom-and-pop feel, which is not bad. BM is a small national brand compared to others.

Some painters also use the term “premium bucket and brush paint.” Benjamin Moore’s slogan is “Paint like no other.” The sentiments of each message are all the same. Whichever term you are familiar with, they are all testaments to the quality of the paint.

Benjamin Moore & Its Niche

What sets Ben Moore apart is a focus on high residential repaint solutions. Based on their catalog alone, it shows. BM prioritizes the production of quality materials in front of low-end new construction paints. Competing paint manufacturers focus more on new construction paints since they yield higher gross profits.


We have firsthand experience with Benjamin Moore Paints as a premium residential painting contractor. We rely heavily on quality products since we offer painting warranties and a complete professional experience. Our painters enjoy using Benjamin Moore paints for several reasons. Here is a list of a few benefits that painters enjoy.

1) BM Mines Its Raw Materials

Minning its raw materials allows Ben Moore to maintain quality control better.

Benjamin Moore’s paints also contain more TO2 than other brands. TO2 gives paint pigment and improves paint coverage.

2) Easy to Use House Paint

The best means of describing how Benjamin Moore improves paint useability is by listing what we have experienced. While this list is not comprehensive, it will provide the main contributing factors most professional painters appreciate.

Application Advantages:

  • Interior paint doesn’t spatter while applying. This allows for a spotless work area, keeping the floor and drop cloths free of paint.
  • Aura Exterior doesn’t create a cloud of heavy overspray while spraying paint. The reduction in paint overspray controls paint mist and minimizes paint consumption.
  • Benjamin Moore’s Regal Interior (satin, eggshell, & low luster) paint finishes don’t flash or show drywall patches or lap marks. Rooms requiring several small drywall patches will be uniform without dulled areas (also known as flashing).
  • Ben Moore’s interior paints don’t hatband (picture frame). Hatbanding is seen as a line around the tops and corners of interior walls that the roller couldn’t reach.


  • Interior paint finishes hold their original luster color for longer than other manufacturers.
  • Exterior satin paint can be brushed without visible brush strokes or lap marks, which allows versatile siding spraying and brushing applications on multiple surfaces.
  • Interior and exterior white trim paint has exceptional coverage. Advanced paint coverage helps reduce paint labor costs and paint consumption.

3) Research & Development

Research and introducing new and innovative technologies costs money and requires a lot of trial and error. When companies proactively research to solve consumer feedback and concerns, it’s rare. Benjamin is not alone in their efforts. However, the engineering and development of new polymer technologies are appreciated. Here are a few improvements as a result of the action.

  • They have drastically improved adhesion properties, especially in the interior Regal Select line.
  • Light reflection values are determined for all Benjamin Moore colors.
  • Benjamin Moore’s Aura Exterior is thicker and covers hairline cracks.
  • Aura Interior Bath & Spa provides the best interior flat finish and is moisture-resistant.

Other Paint Brands & Cost

Why do some homeowners and painting contractors choose other brands? High paint prices used to be an issue for Benjamin Moore. However, the gap has shrunk as other paint companies increase paint prices.

Quality house paint costs start at $50 -$60, depending on where you live. Benjamin Moore doesn’t have the market share that some larger companies have. They don’t have the branding or as many locations either. Therefore, some painters don’t have the exposure, and to be fair, not all painters are hired by clients who want premium service.

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