Aura Interior Paint: Our Experience & Review 

Benjamin Moore Aura is almost insurmountable if you want exceptional interior house paint, offering outstanding performance in nearly every way. If you read nothing else within this article, consider when we say, “There is no other interior paint like Aura.”

Yes, this is a bold statement. And our evaluation of BM Aura doesn’t guarantee that it’s the interior paint you should purchase. Although, there are several reasons this premium paint is an overachiever. But there are also a few minor drawbacks to consider that we will cover later. 

Yet, far and wide, most agree Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint line is the best premium interior paint due to its unmatched performance and innovation.

The Benefit of Our Aura Interior Paint Review

The benefit of our paint reviews is not merely technical. The real benefit is that we have years of experience using the products and offer honest, real-world feedback that guarantees the elimination of misleading self-interests and sales pitches. 

We reveal why you may want to purchase this interior paint and shed light on why this paint may not be the best fit for your project.

With that being said, let’s get into how Aura performs.

Benjamin Moore’s “Color Lock Technology”

Aura Interior utilizes Benjamin Moore’s groundbreaking “Color Lock Technology,” promising a longer-lasting color with limited fading or color rub-off.


Benjamin Moore developed their GENEX® paint technology in 2006 as a leading innovator in the industry. When BM diploid GENEX® technology, they were among the first to introduce a zero-VOC waterborne tinting system, exceeding even the strictest environmental standards. 

By removing several volatile organic compounds from their solvents, resins, and tinting system, these environmentally friendly improvements result in a lower carbon footprint and minimize indoor air pollution. Benjamin Moore created a standard for other paint manufacturers to follow.

Additional performance enhancements from the GENEX® innovation are improved anti-microbial and mildew-resistant properties in all finishes.

Even though Aura paints are VOC compliant in all regulated areas, Aura is not 100% emissions-free. 

Specs & High-Performance Attributes

As we unveil the esoteric application details of Benjamin Moore Aura, we must first acknowledge a few underlining factors that contribute to Benjamin Moore Aura’s performance. 

First, Benjamin Moore uses premium resins that they mine themselves. Control of raw materials may be why Benjamin Moore is much more generous with critical paint raw materials such as titanium dioxide, also known as white pigments.

Furthermore, Aura has a high amount of solids by volume. The fact that it contains 40% quality solids, among other reasons, also explains why Aura Interior offers a durable paint finish. 

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Application Review

Understanding that Aura is a high-end interior house paint made for full and rich applications, offering no performance drawbacks is essential. Aura is one of the best interior paints; our review will explain why.

Clean Application

Having high solids makes Aura’s coverage exceptional and increases the thickness of the paint. Thicker paints alleviate unwanted paint spattering. Spattering is when the paint incidentally drips onto unwanted areas during application. While using Aura, interior painting applications are manageable with precision, resulting in no excessive spattering. Paint applications are precise as intended while using a roller overhead for ceilings.


Lays Flat

Although Aura offers a thicker viscosity, it spreads nicely and lays flat without excessive stippling. Aura also hangs well when wet, which means no drips or runs during heavy applications. This performance enhancement enables various paint applications without the headache of checking for paint runs. 

Although two coats are recommended, single-coat coverage is nearly achievable sometimes, even while changing colors. 

Uniform Appearance & Sheen

The appearance of Aura is where this product excels and is light years superior to leading brands. No haloing or hat banding is associated with dark or vibrant colors while using Aura. There are also no visible lap marks from rollers or brush strokes. So, the cut-in is consistent with the rolled areas and offers a uniform sheen. 

Does Not Flash

When painting inside, drywall repairs almost always involve nail pops and broken drywall seams. Benjamin Aura does not flash, meaning it doesn’t show signs of an inconsistent sheen over drywall patches. It doesn’t matter whether your wall patches are primed with flat paint or a dedicated drywall primer; the shine will remain uniform. 

Satin and eggshell finishes apply uniformly and with ease!

Quick Dry Time

Some painters complain about the lack of open time, meaning the paint dries too fast. In our experience, the quick paint dry time has no adverse effects. Quick drying is advantageous because it increases productivity, allowing painters to return the room to a usable space much quicker.

Clean Up

Simple clean-up requires only soap and water. Regarding applications and clean-up, Aura offers the ease of use that we have seen by no other brand, and that’s no hyperbole.

Here is a short list of additional features.

  • Aura offers unprecedented richness and color depth 
  • Applies more uniformly than other paints
  • Dries to touch within an hour 
  • Has a 100% acrylic resin
  • Aura resists abrasions and scuffing

There are no performance issues when it comes to Aura. It’s just that great! 

Aura’s Popularity & Awards

When Benjamin Moore introduced Aura to the market, Popular Science Magazine featured it as a “Best New Product.” Among their paint finishes, Matte and Eggshell are their top sellers, but there’s no wrong choice with this outstanding product. 

As Benjamin Moore’s “Top Of The Line” premium paint, it’s still exceedingly popular, even at its higher price point. 

Benjamin Moore Aura Coverage & Sheens 

One gallon has a coverage of 350 to 400 square feet. Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint line is available in four finishes.

  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semi-gloss

Both matte and eggshell are excellent options for interior walls, and satin and semi-gloss are perfect for doors and trim. Benjamin Moore also offers an Aura Bath & Spa line of paint formulated explicitly for bathrooms and high-moisture areas. 


The Verdict

Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint line is a premium product at a premium price. Just at roughly $90 each gallon, Aura is no cheap buy. 

Aura is not intended for commercial use or projects that don’t demand the absolute best! Some may view Aura as too expensive for DYI or more budget-friendly projects. But when you look at the big picture, it requires fewer gallons of paint and fewer coats, resulting in lower labor costs. 

If you have your home painted professionally, labor will always exceed the price of materials. So, if you want or need the best, Aura may not be as pricey as you think. 

A less expensive paint will have lower volume solids, reducing durability and performance. So, sure, Aura has a higher cost per gallon, but it will look fantastic for a long time, saving money in the long term.

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