A Deeper Look Into Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior

Benjamin-Moore paints are known for superior performance. Their silky smooth paint finish and feel during application have set a standard that other paint brands attempt to recreate. However, durability and longevity are paramount, especially concerning exterior house paints.

But it is also lovely when exterior painters find a product that combines all these qualities.

Several platforms rate and compare exterior paints. Here, we will briefly cover and rate Benjamine Moore Aura Exterior and explain how it excels and outperforms other leading brands.

Aura Exterior Paint Benefits

The plus to BM Aura Exterior is the resin found within the product. Aura is a thicker coating since the last reformulation. Along with the refined resin, Benjamin Moore offers their well-known and proprietary “Color Lock Technology.”

We find Aura to cover and level extremely nicely, especially considering it’s one of the thickest exterior paints on the market. Although it’s not an elastomeric paint, part of the reason it covers so well is its improved formula and how it spreads and dries evenly! Our favorite quality is that the dried finish is not sticky, which is perfect for doors!

If exterior paint leaves a sticky film on an exterior door, the weather stripping always seems to stick, resulting in the paint wearing off or peeling. Sticky paint also attracts dirt! Homes with the potential for water splashing dirt on them will benefit from Aura!

The Drawback to Aura

The only real drawback we find with Benjamin Moore’s Aura is getting used to its thickness. However, we appreciate the thick formula, which is light years better than the previous formulation. Benjamin Moore Aura is extraordinarily flexible, covers hairline cracks in soffits from natural woods such as plywood, and provides one of the most durable exterior paint coatings. The additional concern for others is the price.

The truth is that all premium paint is expensive, and there is no way of getting around that. So, Aura exterior paint is well worth the expense, and we find the price in line with what it offers and performs compared to other inferior so-called thick coatings.

Spraying Aura Exterior

You will need a professional paint sprayer when you need to spray Aura. Equipment purchased from big box stores is considered homeowner items and will not be strong enough to pump the paint through the machine.


You should never water down or thin paint to make it more manageable for small machines. Thinning paint is a thing of the past and is a fear tactic that old-timers use to persuade people to pay more to brush everything. Today’s professional-grade paint sprayers are strong enough to spray thick coating and textured materials.

Brushing is the way to go if you are trying to salvage old siding. Even though Aura exterior paint is thick, we always recommend two coats when brushing any exterior paint.

Aura Exterior Final Takeaway

Benjamin Moore Aura has always seemed out of reach for many potential customers because of the price. If we could somehow prove how Benjamin Moore’s Aura is worth every penny, there is no doubt that premium shoppers who want quality would choose Aura every time.

Get a can in your hands and test it. See it for yourself. Don’t let sticker shock compel you to disbelief. Aura reduces repaints and withstands the weather, unlike any other exterior paint.

However, a few application nuances require a professional exterior painter’s expertise and equipment. Don’t let inexperienced painters’ mistakes ruin your view or how your project turns out.

We also have an Aura interior review if you have not already read it! Contact us if you live in Raleigh, NC and need professional help paint the exterior of your home.

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