BM Advance Professional Trim & Cabinet Paint Usage

Benjamin Moore Advance is a high-end, quality interior Waterborne Alkyd. This interior paint still uses an oil resin, but the product is emulsified enough for complete water clean-up. This product is a true oil-based paint with virtually no VOCs.

However, it is important to note that indoor paint odor is not synonymous with – smell. Since it is an oil, it contains an odor that some view as unpleasant.

Aside from that, the real question is, does this interior oil paint offer what everyone would expect from Benjamin Moore? Here is our take and experience with the product!

Does Advance Require A Primer?

Since the introduction of Advance, Benjamin Moore has responded to primarily negative painter feedback. Benjamin Moore now offers a primer that helps aid in adhesion and allows for a thinner application that expedites the dry time of the topcoat. While this helps the performance of the product, the extra step makes advance less interesting.

It’s just as easy to prime and add a more usable acrylic paint as the second coat. So, we have to question the real value in Advance other than easier cleanup.


Benjamin Moore’s Advance Advantages & Drawbacks

Benjamin Moore Advance is an innovative product in a class of its own. However, there are a few things that you should know before using this product.

Like most interior paints, the product dries within a couple of hours after application. However, due to its emulsification process, it requires an extremely long time to cure. These details are not indicated on the outside of the can or by Benjamin Moore.

Without the emulsification process, water and oil would not naturally mix, so considering the nature of the paint, this extensive cure time is a necessary evil.

Advance’s advantage is that it allows contractors to paint over oil interior trim and doors without priming or omitting heavy VOCs. This product would be flawless if Benjamin Moore could develop a speedy curing process. That’s a massive statement regarding house paint.

Benjamin Moore Paint Expectations

Benjamin Moore is one of the premier paint manufacturers in North America. We have observed and used several of their products over the years. Typically, Benjamin Moore produces quality products that are excellent performers.

The price per gallon is slightly high in many cases, but the project will typically require less paint using Benjamin Moore. This is especially true when conducting interior painting applications.

Benjamin Moore is also known for high-quality resins. In turn, products will cover better and last longer. Several competitors’ philosophies are thicker applications and marginal resins and pigment. The Advance line from Benjamin Moore is a somewhat newly developed product packed with technology that is proprietary to Benjamin Moore.

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